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Why Tom Vilsack is now the Most Dangerous Man in America (and Bill Gates is the second!!) Plus Update on Senate Vitamin & Supplement Battle – The fight Does NOT go well…YOU MUST ACT NOW!!! February 11, 2012

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[*** Hello FITMONTCLAIR readers! I know many of  you are eagerly awaiting NEW posts but due to the increased popularity of this post in the last few months and the timeliness of many of the topics within I am going to leave this page as the home page until November. As I have stated numerous times before I HAVE NO POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATIONS, I DETEST POLITICIANS & POLITICS!!!!  My rules regarding politics: Rule 1) ALL POLITICIANS LIE !!!, Rule 2) GO BACK AND READ RULE #1 !!!!   I would vote for any candidate that would : 1) protect small farmers and MY RIGHT to purchase RAW dairy and organic foods. 2) PROTECT my RIGHT to purchase vitamins & supplements without a prescription. 3) stop the FDA from trying ban vitamins & supplements.4) label ALL GMO foods. 5) DISBAND THE FDA !!! Unfortunately such a candidate does NOT exist….

Many of these topics and links to additional & supporting information are in this post for you to read and become informed. Although NO administration has enforced the labeling of Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) even when they made promises to do so, you should be aware that the current administration has approved more GMO foods into the U.S. food supply than the PREVIOUS 3 ADMINISTRATIONS COMBINED !!!]

For the latest update on the BATTLE TO LABEL GMO FOODS in the U.S. click here: https://fitmontclair.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/is-365-really-organic-what-whole-foods-isnt-telling-you/

Hi Everyone!

I know you were all expecting part one of  “What did we give the kids this year – BRAIN CANCER or the truth about cell phone radiation!” That post is coming but urgent information came to my attention and YOU MUST MAKE EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND CARE ABOUT AWARE OF THE AGENDA OF THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION!!

Too bad you can’t see Vilsack’s hand up Obama’s as$ making his mouth move…

Here are some of the latest quotes of the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and USDA Chief Tom Vilsack, who I now rank as the most dangerous man in America! (but that a.hole  Michael Taylor  – the FDA Deputy Commissioner is right behind if not tied with him!)

From CNS News: U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told members of the National Restaurant Association on Monday thatAmericans need to “adjust” their tastes so that they like the kind of food the “government believes they should eat“—and “we have to make sure that what we do is create the appropriate transition.”

While Vilsack tried to convince the public he was promoting less sodium and sugar, when in reality he is deeply connected to companies and organizations that actively promote unhealthy, dangerous GMO foods! What follows below is his trail of the poisoning of America by the increased introduction of genetically modified foods into the U.S. food supply – REMEMBER Vilsack along with “food czar” Michael Taylor are supposed to PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND THE FOOD SUPPLY BUT INSTEAD HAVE SOLD OUR HEALTH AND THAT OF OUR FAMILIES TO MONSANTO AND OTHER BIO-TECH CORPORATIONS!

Click below for Vilsack’s approval of GMO alfalfa (his most recent sell-out!)

The decision marks a sharp reversal: USDA chief Tom Vilsack had hinted strongly that he would place geographic restrictions on the growing of GMO alfalfa, to protect organic alfalfa growers from the threat of GMO contamination. He even floated a fancy name for the policy: “coexistence,” as in GMO crops and organic crops all just getting along. Even such a relatively mild restrictive policy would have broken with the longstanding USDA practice of giving GMOs a free pass.

The USDA has decided to approve the use genetically modified alfalfa without any restriction.

Allowing the poisoning of America!

Also this article from   The New York Times

Of course like many in the current administration including President Obama, Vilsack caved in to pressure from the FDA, big pharma, and I am sure some form of financial incentives helped him rescind his original anti-GMO stance.

Here is an outline of some of Vilsack’s corruption and villainy since 2008:

In November 2008, the Organic Consumers Association put together six extremely important reasons why the country should oppose Vilsack as head of the USDA:

1. Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack’s support of genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops, especially pharmaceutical corn:

2. The biggest biotechnology industry group, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, named Vilsack Governor of the Year. He was also the founder and former chair of the Governor’s Biotechnology Partnership.


3. When Vilsack created the Iowa Values Fund, his first poster child of economic development potential was Trans Ova and their pursuit of cloning dairy cows.

4. Vilsack was the origin of the seed pre-emption bill in 2005, which many people here in Iowa fought because it took away local government’s possibility of ever having a regulation on seeds- where GE would be grown, having GE-free buffers, banning pharma corn locally, etc.

Representative Sandy Greiner, the Republican sponsor of the bill, bragged on the House Floor that Vilsack put her up to it right after his state of the state address.

5. Vilsack has a glowing reputation as being a schill for agribusiness biotech giants like Monsanto. Sustainable ag advocates across the country were spreading the word of Vilsack’s history as he was attempting to appeal to voters in his presidential bid. An activist from the west coast even made this youtube animation about Vilsack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… The airplane in this animation is a referral to the controversy that Vilsack often traveled in Monsanto’s jet.

6. Vilsack is an ardent supporter of corn and soy based biofuels, which use as much or more fossil energy to produce them as they generate, while driving up world food prices and literally starving the poor.

This man is extremely dangerous and NEEDS to be stopped, but don’t depend on the President – He appointed Vilsack and IS ALL IN FAVOR OF GMO FOODS WITHOUT LABELING!

In his 2007 campaign President Obama promised labeling of GMO foods “because the public has a right to know” JUST ANOTHER FALSE CAMPAIGN PROMISE!!



Since 2008 the current administration has approved MORE GMO FOODS than the last 3 administrations combined!!!! So once again we see WHO REALLY runs the country!! (Hint: it’s not the people!!)

JOIN OVER 350,000 Americans who want Obama to CUT FDA TIES TO MONSANTO & OUST VILSACK & TAYLOR!!!

Tell Obama to CEASE FDA ties to Monsanto!!!

The second most dangerous man in America is Bill Gates due to his pro-GMO memo!

He can’t be that brilliant – He supports GMO foods!! (or is this just part of his Master Plan..)

From the AP: KIRKLAND, Wash. (AP) — Bill Gates has a terse response to criticism that the high-tech solutions he advocates for world hunger are too expensive or bad for the environment: Countries can embrace modern seed technology and genetic modification or their citizens will starve.

The Gates Pro-GMO memo



Yet isn’t it odd that Gates is a MAJOR founder of the global seed vault to preserve genetic diversity i.e NON-GMO seeds (Does he suspect an impending genetic GMO catastrophe that will destroy seed diversity throughout the world).

From Wikipedia.org:

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seedbank located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen near the town of Longyearbyen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, about 1,300 kilometers (810 mi) from the North Pole.[1] The facility preserves a wide variety of plant seeds in an underground cavern. The seeds are duplicate samples, or “spare” copies, of seeds held in gene banks worldwide. The seed vault will provide insurance against the loss of seeds in genebanks, as well as a refuge for seeds in the case of large-scale regional or global crises. The seed vault is managed under terms spelled out in a tripartite agreement between the Norwegian government, the Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT) and the Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen).[2]

Construction of the seed vault, which cost approximately NOK 45 million (US$9 million), was funded entirely by the Government of Norway.[3] Storage of seeds in the seed vault is free of charge. Operational costs will be paid by Norway and the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Primary funding for the Trust comes from organizations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and from various governments worldwide.[4]

H’mm if there was a global genetic food disaster, then those who preserved and own the true NON-GMO seeds would pretty much control the world !!  Could we be seeing Emperor Gates in our future….

“Control the food and you control the people!” This has been the Mantra  of emperors, fascists, and politicians since ancient Rome!

If you control the food supply, you control the people” – Henry Kissinger. In 1974, Henry Kissinger suggested using food as a weapon to induce targeted population reduction in a previously classified 200-page report (click here for the actual report), National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. 

and as Stalin once said, “a population is controlled through its stomach!”

Just so you know, GMO foods are NOT necessary and are DEEMED DANGEROUS in Europe and South America! Many other countries have BANNED the sale of GMO, forced labeling of such products and IN SOME CASES DESTROYED Monsanto’s GMO Crops!!!

Here are some headlines on how GMO’s are seen and treated around the world:

Hungary BURNS GMO crops! (We should learn from them!)Government of Hungary orders GMO crops destroyed

From The New York Times:  BASF to Stop Selling Genetically Modified Products in Europe

United Kingdom listens to public outcry and labels GMO foods:  http://www.foodpolitics.com/2009/08/labeling-gm-foods-if-the-u-k-can-do-it-we-can-too/

 Peru Approves GMO ban:   10 Year Peruvian GMO ban due to lack of safety data

Here is a list of countries that have banned GMO foods – Of course the USA is NOT on it!:   GMO FREE Nations

Instead of banning GMOs the US leads in their production and the poisoning of the planet! Here is the 2010 GMO food production breakdown by country:

In 2010, countries that grew the most transgenic crops were the United States (45%), Brazil (17%), Argentina (15%), India (6%), Canada (6%), China (2%), Paraguay (2%), Pakistan (2%), South Africa (1%) and Uruguay (1%).

The Grocery Manufacturers of America estimated in 2003 that 75% of all processed foods in the U.S. contain a GMO ingredient; that was in 2003 – can you imagine what is now in 2012!!!


The results of 3 informal Polls – NY Times, facebook, twitter – Once again Government IS NOT listening to people

In recent N.Y. Times public polls, about 83 percent of you are bothered by the presence of GMOs in food; 89 percent want to see labeling of such foods, and about 85% percent would like to see stricter regulations; nearly three-fourths would buy less salmon if it were genetically engineered!– Of course the Government & GE food companies know this and to keep their profits they have successfully bribed the FDA into saying There is no need to label GMO salmon…”

[To read more about the horrors of GE Salmon see my blog post: Just in time for halloween frankenfish or why GE salmon is a really bad idea!  ]

The Facebook and Twitter polls were similar: between 82 and 85 percent of those responding would choose not to buy foods with GMOs if they were so labeled!

For more information on GMO foods and the dangers they pose to society, I recommend these 2 books :

 You should also visit the Institute for Responsible Technology for more info, updates, and actions you can take!

Do what Europe & Japan did, VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!!! If you refuse to buy GMO products they will NOT produce them!

To help with this here is a downloadable  pdf of the NON-GMO food guide from the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Also from the NON-GMO project here is a link to their FREE iPhone app to avoid GMO foods when shopping:   


I hope this post provided a wake up call and showed you how the nation’s food supply is in DANGER, not from terrorists or disease carrying insects but the elected & appointed officials who ONLY CARE ABOUT PROFIT!!


We have the POWER, vote with your DOLLARS!! (that’s all they care about anyway…) DO NOT PURCHASE GMO FOODS – It is that easy to shut them down!!!


For those of you who don’t know anything about this (it’s NOT your fault, Congress and the FDA are doing this quietly and during the holidays as always) – Read my FITMONTCLAIR blog post:  STOP THE FDA FROM TAKING AWAY ALL YOUR VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS!!!

We gained a small a small victory from the support of Senators Hatch & Harkin but got hit hard when Big pharma and the FDA WERE ABLE TO BRIBE, CAJOLE, AND PRESSURE THE AMA TO BACK THE PUSH TO REMOVE SUPPLEMENTS!!!

The FDA refuses to comply to requests of Senators Hatch & Harkin to cease with NDI



AMA supports the FDA attack on vitamins, supplements,and natural health

Late breaking news – Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has taken our side!!

Please support him and his actions to STOP the FDA from TAKING AWAY VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS!!!

Go to the article and PLEASE add you name & address to the pre-made support letter– IT TAKES LESS THAN 2




Dr. Benjamin Rush

Dr. Benjamin Rush

Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship denying equal privileges. All such laws are un-American and despotic . . . “

Benjamin Rush, Physician, Signer of The Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson – A TRUE American Patriot!


If people let the government decide what food they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as souls under tyranny!” – Thomas Jefferson; Author of  “The Declaration of American Independence”

STOP THE FDA, Vilsack, Taylor, and Monsanto NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

Until next time….



“Using Science to Maximize Health and Performance”

Click Here to read my latest interview!



1. David Haas - April 2, 2012

I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

fitmontclair - April 2, 2012

Hi David,

My email is in the “About” column on the right hand side of the blog; feel free to email me questions although many people may have the same questions or benefit from your questions and the subsequent answers, so if we could post the question and answer here it may be helpful to others. (If it is personal, please feel free to email me.)

Please note while I will answer questions regarding health, fitness, and nutrition I will not engage in debates over politics or public policies. What I put on the blog I feel is necessary information that the public should know about, and what their elected officials are doing behind closed doors; that is why I ALWAYS provide links or the resources the information comes from. I have no party or political affiliations except to support those who favor a healthy nation with a non-contaminated food supply, the right to purchase organic food from small farms FREE FROM CHEMICALS, DRUGS, AND ARTIFICIAL HORMONES, and access to vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements without prescriptions!

I hope to hear from you soon,


fitmontclair - April 6, 2012

Hi David,

I don’t know if you received it, but I did send you an email the other day so you could ask your questions of me. I sent it to the email address listed in your comment on the blog. If there is a different address please let me know (if you still have questions).

Have a great day!


2. ewwas - September 1, 2012

Very good blog post. I absolutely appreciate this website. Keep writing!

fitmontclair - September 2, 2012

Thank you! I will be updating it soon; I have A LOT of topics I am working but I type slow and I always want to make sure I am able to provide references, source material, and up to date active links to all my posts – this takes time, a lot of time.

Thanks again for visiting!


3. besthalloweenvideos - September 30, 2012

Great site you have here. Just love this caption,,,,, ‘Too bad you can’t see Obama’s hand up Vilsack’s as$ making his mouth move…”

fitmontclair - September 30, 2012

Glad you liked the post & site!

I hope to have lots of new posts coming soon. Thank you for taking the time time to read and comment.

Please feel free to forward the blog to any one it may help; if you have any questions just ask.

Have a great a day!


4. http://tinyurl.com/primlunn10687 - February 6, 2013

“Why Tom Vilsack is now the Most Dangerous Man in America (and Bill
Gates is the second!!) Plus Update on Senate Vitamin & Supplement Battle
– The fight Does NOT go wellYOU MUST ACT NOW!!!
FITMONTCLAIR Blog by Advanced Fitness Concepts” ended up being a quite pleasant blog, .

Keep creating and I’ll keep on following! Thanks for the post -Princess

fitmontclair - April 25, 2016

Thank you! I will do my best, however I have been able to get a lot more cutting edge info out to the public faster by using Facebook!

If you visit & like the ADVANCED FITNESS CONCEPTS Facebook page you can get a ton of recent cutting edge health, fitness, and nutritional information all with links to further information sources & references!


Have a great day!


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