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Just in time for Halloween; “FRANKENFISH” (or why GE Salmon is a REALLY BAD idea!) October 18, 2010

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Ladies, You NEED to read this book!

Hi Everyone,

Well I had planned a review of the “Art of Wellness” and a blog on the DANGERS of a high carb diet including new peer reviewed medical studies that show definitive links between carb & sugar intake and increased cancer risk; the risk is highest for women!

But the fact that we still have time to prevent the introduction of  Genetically Engineered (GE) salmon in to our food supply bumped the urgency of this post to the top of the list!

I have been working on a detailed DANGER of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)  foods post but I wanted to wait until I had finished two of the best books of the subject “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette” by Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible technology. If you have read or go on to read these books you will understand the dangers of these products and the disaster they could spell for the U.S.

As always, I am going to provide you with links to interviews, articles, books, and videos on the subject and it will be up for you to decide who is telling the truth and what you wish to consume. My personal opinion is that these products are NOT foods but UN-TESTED man-made experimental substrates that the U.S government has approved making the current U.S. population into an unknowing, possibly unwilling participant in a huge genetic experiment. We will NOT know the overall effects the GE food products will have on: health, aging, disease, and growth & development for close to 20 years. I do not plan on finding out 20 years from now that GE foods gave me cancer etc. (new research has proven a link to GMO produce and organ failure!).

Here is a video on the link between Monsanto GMO corn and ORGAN FAILURE!

Click for an audio interview with Jeffrey Smith “Say NO to GE Salmon” (downloadable)

Here is a quick summary of some of the info discussed in the interviews, videos, and articles. PLEASE read, watch, and listen to all the information before you make a decision or comment!

* There have only been 4 studies done on GE salmon safety, and 3 were done by the Biotech industry developing the fish (so much for biased free research)

Here’s an ASSOCIATED PRESS video on GE salmon

* The company developing the GE salmon keeps saying “They are just as safe as farm raised fish” – farm raised fish are NOT safe to eat!!

* The official reply of the FDA is “with reasonable certainty the GE salmon are o.k. to eat”  – What is the definition of reasonable certainty; that statement  is NOT very convincing to me!

* The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has advised all the their members to prescribe their patients ONLY GMO FREE diets!

* There are  NO required FDA safety studies for GMO crops and very light, poorly designed ones for the GE fish and animals – The FDA only requires self-reporting on the safety of GMO crops by the companies producing them; NO, I AM NOT KIDDING!

* Monsanto studies usually only use 1 species instead of 3 in their control studies of GMO foods and they IGNORE adverse health effects on NON-human species (yet they accept them when developing new pharmaceuticals).

Here is an interview with Jeffrey Smith on GE salmon

The FDA vote last week was UNDECIDED, WE STILL HAVE TIME TO ACT!!! Contact your representatives, tell them NO GE salmon, NO MORE GMO crops (because they in the stores already!!) If we DON’T STOP GE salmon here it will open the door for GE beef, chickens, and pork – already in the works!

* Aqua Bounty (the company seeking approval for GE salmon) has TRIPLED its stock value in anticipation of gaining FDA approval

* A recent survey of the Union of Concerned Scientists revealed that many FDA scientists feel and have stated that “Congress and Special Interest groups have changed food science in favor of economic gain!”

* The GE salmon are regulated as AN ANIMAL DRUG, NOT A FOOD!! – How many FDA drugs have been re-called in the last decade for thousands of  serious health problems and DEATHS! (Vioxx, Celebrex, Meridia, Phen-Phen, etc just to name a few!)

* This travesty of science began with the 1st Bush Administration.

* The FDA claims it is unaware of any difference between GE salmon and wild salmon (The FDA can’t be trusted – keep reading)

* Very high levels of anti-biotics are present in the GE salmon.

* The GE salmon has high levels of Igf-1 which was identified as a cancer risk and was induced by Monsanto’s genetically engineered growth hormone (rbGH) that was given to cows to increase milk production. (thankfully most people are aware and AVOID rbGH produced milk & dairy products).

Despite all these possible dangers the FDA does NOT WANT ANY special labeling of GE fish, animals or GMO crops for FEAR THAT PEOPLE WON’T BUY THEM – AND THEY ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You CANNOT find GMO products in the European Union & Japan for the STRICT labeling laws mandated the identification of all GMO foods and foods with GMO ingredients The people REFUSED to buy them!!

Click here for a Washington Post article on “No labeling of GE salmon”

Due to economic interests and lobbying of the Biotechnology groups and their parent corporations the corrupt FDA refuses to label GMO & GE products as such BECAUSE THEY KNOW PEOPLE WON’T BUY THEM!!!!!

Former Monsanto VP Michael Taylor: One of the MOST DANGEROUS men in the U.S. (and a 1st class A**HOLE!)

You may be wondering how this happens and who is responsible, while there are many involved a chief proponent and MAJOR THREAT TO THE HEALTH OF YOUR FAMILY IS  Michael R. Taylor. Yes, the same Micheal Taylor appointed by the Obama administration to safe-guard the nation’s food supply!!

The U.S “Food Czar” is a former vice-president of Monsanto and was working for the FDA when the original statement that “The FDA is unaware of any dangerous or unsafe data pertaining to GMO foods” was made. A lawsuit later revealed under the Freedom of Information act 44,000, (YES 44,000)  SECRET FDA documents in which the consensus of the FDA scientists was that the GMO foods and genetic engineering of animals is UNSAFE!!!! – ALL SUPPRESSED UNDER THE DIRECTION OF Michael Taylor!

For more information on GMO foods and the dangers they pose to society, I recommend these 2 books :

 You should also visit the Institute for Responsible Technology for more info, updates, and actions you can take!

The FDA vote last week was undecided, WE STILL HAVE TIME TO STOP GE SALMON!! Contact your representatives, tell them NO GE salmon and NO MORE GMO CROPS (they are already in food and on the shelves!). IF WE DON’T STOP GE salmon, this will open the door for GE: Beef, Chicken, and Pork – all are already in the works!!

Click here to read NZ EXPORTER article on GE in the U.S

No clear verdict on GE salmon for US

Do what Europe & Japan did, VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!!! If you refuse to buy GMO products they will NOT produce them! To help with this here is a downloadable  pdf of the NON-GMO food guide from the Institute for Responsible Technology.

I hope this post provided a wake up call and showed you how the nation’s food supply is in DANGER, not from terrorists or disease carrying insects but the elected & appointed officials who ONLY CARE ABOUT PROFIT!!


We have the POWER, vote with your DOLLARS!! (that’s all they care about anyway…)




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