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SPECIAL Mid-Week Post: FMS update and the “Art of Wellness” October 6, 2010

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Hi All,

Here is a quick update:

A lot of people may not have heard of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and others disregard (foolishly) its usefulness and validity.  Well here is some new updated info including PEER REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC DATA from the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (so much for recent unsupported & unsubstantiated claims by one  Montclair resident that I often provide inaccurate information -I guess the truth hurts so much they can’t believe the scientific data!):

The most recent research completed on the FMS was performed in Quantico, VA at the Marine Officer Candidate School. They screened over 900 Marines and followed them through basic training and found that the individuals who had a score 14, were twice as likely to not graduate due to injury than those with higher scores. This goes right along with the previous research found in the NFL. This research is currently being written up for publication.

  Musculoskeletal injuries are common in military basic training and can result in significant morbidity and losses to the force. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is designed to evaluate functional human movements for identifying and proactively addressing functional limitations and theoretically decrease risk of future injury. Prior research on athletes has shown increased injury risk with scores ≤ 14. The system has been used by many professional athletic teams, but never studied prospectively in a systematic way without intervention. This study evaluated the potential utility of this screen for assessing a large military population and correlated FMS score with injury during training.

The increased sports participation in recent decades has brought with it an increase in the risk for sustaining musculoskeletal injuries. It has long been thought that isolated muscle stretching would be an effective intervention to reduce muscle soreness or musculoskeletal injury; however, recent research has suggested that this is not the case (10,11,20). To reduce injury risk, sports medicine professionals have begun to focus on improving movement patterns as opposed to focusing on rehabilitation of a specific joint (5,13). Research has demonstrated that an isolated rehabilitation approach after injury is not sufficient to normalize performance that encompasses the entire body (17). Data have also suggested that an isolated injury will adversely affect regions away from the injury site (2–4,9,12,15,18,22,23,25,26). (Click here or the Image to Read Entire Publication)

Here is some interesting NFL data (although it has not been published yet, it is still intriguing):

Last year Linwood Cook (FMS founder Gray Cook’s Dad) started tracking the wins/losses the NFL teams that consistently use the FMS system and compared them to rest of the NFL teams not using the system.

Over the last 3 weeks, we have been unofficially tracking the NFL teams that we have worked with in the past and there are some interesting statistics to note:

  • Functional Movement Screen NFL Teams have a win rate of 63%.
  • The NFL Teams who do not use the Functional Movement Screen have a win rate of 45%.
  • As of Week # 3 that is an 18% better win rate for Teams using the Functional Movement Screen on a regular basis.

Last year’s season showed us this…..

  • 50% of the FMS NFL Teams reached the Playoffs!!!!
  • Only 32% of the Non FMS Teams reached the Playoffs!

One problem we are running into is that more and more NFL teams are using the FMS, right now about 12 teams are using it which means the statistics may not be as good since they are beating each other.  This is a good problem for FMS…..

This is not official and should not be taken as scientific data, just some food for thought. Another reason to be proud to be part of the FMS team…….

Thank you, Mr. Linwood Cook for your unofficial reporting!

As you can all see from the article the FMS is a fantastic form of assessment and an accurate injury prevention tool;  this is why it is part of my assessment protocol and I don’t give exercises and training programs without FMS data!  Please note I am the ONLY FMS CERTIFIED SPECIALIST in Montclair! (Click on the link)

If you would like a demo of some the techniques used in the FMS please stop by the Living Fit table at the “Art of Wellness” this Sat. Oct 9th at Fletcher Hall, Montclair NJClick the link for the all the details.

Here are some of the other great things I will have for you at the “Art of Wellness”!

  • Ton’s of FREE Fitness & Nutrition handouts
  • Exercise Demos, Movement Screening and MORE!!
  • FREE program evaluations! – Not getting results with your workout routine; bring it in for a free EXPERT analysis (*you must bring a written program with you for an evaluation)
  • The “Truth about youth athletics – what coaches don’t know and what parents must know!!”
  • Did you know that 80% of female knee injuries are NON-CONTACT, Learn simple techniques to prevent them!
  • Have an exercise or nutrition questions, come get them answered by REAL fitness professionals!
  • The 5 most common mistakes in Kettlebell Training!
  • Special topic: “Bigger, Faster, SMARTER! – The link between Movement, Nutrition, and Intelligence in Kids!” – PARENTS (And parents to be) DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS VITAL INFORMATION!!
  • Lot’s of giveaways  & prizes!
  • Would you like FREE personal training (NO joke)!! To help promote my new location I will be offering 5 people FREE training – Mention the article from Montclair Patch  “Your Mini-guide to Personal Trainers in Montclair” for details…

There will also be some great guest speakers including Connie Bennet, the author of  “Sugar Shock” who I included in my extremely popular post “Why you should listen to Dr. Robert Lustig” or how HFCS is Destroying America! (click the post title to read).

Have a great week and look for some more GREAT posts coming soon!




1. fitmontclair - July 28, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I just want you to know I fixed the broken links to the FMS Marine study at Quantico and the link to Drs. Kiesel & Burton’s FMS study.


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