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Health Fairs, Bone Density, Montclair Patch, S&C Webinars, and the “Art of Wellness”- Oh my! September 26, 2010

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Hi Everyone,

O.K. its been a few weeks but I am BACK!!! I know some of you wish that I was gone for good and that  someone had put an end to my quest to enlighten & educate people about the complete FARCE that is promoted as health & fitness in the U.S. but ” NO SUCH LUCK!” – To my detractors and antagonists, I just want you to know the blog readership is now over 1,100 views per month with NO commercial advertising or sponsorship; Just HIGH quality, factual information!! (Thanks to all my readers, you make it worth all the effort I go to!!)

In fact I have been extremely busy actively INCREASING the scope of my message by adding other venues and increasing my community involvement. I will be back to writing “eye-opening” and “NO holds barred” posts for you later this week; but here is a summary of the last few weeks with some links and upcoming events you may be interested in.

Back in July, the Town Medical Associates newsletter published my article “Increasing Bone Density Part 1 – What is Mechanical Stress or Why Runners, Swimmers, and Cyclists have soft bones!” (click on the article title to read). The Sept. edition has “Increasing Bone Density Part 2 – Why BIG weights build big bones but do NOT build big muscles (in Women!)”

Increasing Bone Density part 2   – Sept. Town Medical Newsletter (Just click the link to read the FREE article!)

BIG weights build STRONG bones in women – but NOT big muscles!

In August I was interviewed for the Montclair Patch website by Ellen Rooney Martin about personal training in Montclair, we discussed an array of topics including how to choose a personal trainer, the role of genetics in exercise, and some of the attributes of a professional trainer.

Click here or on the Patch logo to read “Your Mini-Guide to Personal Training in Montclair” by Ellen Rooney Martin.

Visit the ADVANCED FITNESS CONCEPTS page at Montclair Patch for more information on my services, personal training, and upcoming events as well as some new studio pictures!

On Sept. 20th I recorded my first live Webinar for the Strength & Conditioning Webinars website. Strength & Conditioning Webinars is an AWESOME site where some of the TOP trainers, physical therapists, and coaches narrate Power Point presentations of the their most popular lectures and seminars. Some of the great presentations archived there are by: Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, Alwyn Cosgrove, Nick Tumminello and many others. I am honored that they consider that my work is of high enough caliber to be presented alongside theirs for they truly are the innovators and industry leaders in Health, Fitness, Physical Therapy, and Sports Performance. 

I presented my “Women are NOT small men: Exercise Selection & Training Tips for Women” workshop. This workshop goes over in detail the structural differences in females and how to properly assess women and create a SAFE and EFFECTIVE fitness program for them! Remember “If you are NOT assessing, YOU ARE GUESSING!!!” and guessing is DANGEROUS!! (most commercial gyms DO NOT assess anyone)

Click here to visit Strength & Conditioning Webinars

*** If enough people contact me I will do the Webinar as a FREE, Live, In-Person workshop at Living Fit in Cedar Grove, NJ – all you have to do is comment on this blog post or e-mail me.

This past weekend I was invited to join the Mountainside Hospital Health & Wellness Day! It was a great event with lots of enthusiastic health professionals and local residents coming out to learn about the latest changes in: Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medicine. My table was sponsored by Living Fit and we all had a wonderful time answering questions on every fitness topic imaginable; explaining what the Functional Movement Screen is and how it predicts injuries before they happen; demonstrating exercises using only: tubing, body weight, and Kettlebells !

Many were surprised to learn that you DON’T need a commercial gym and all that useless junk (club owners call it exercise equipment) to have a great workout that is fun, fast, and effective! They key is the QUALITY of the exercise program and the knowledge of the instructor, NOT the QUANTITY of the equipment!! I have yet to meet a piece of equipment that can analyze your movements and exercise form and provide SAFE, QUALITY instruction and guidance (I have also yet to meet a floor trainer in a commercial gym that can do that as well).

This past week I signed on as Lead Exercise Physiologist for a new project that could have a significant impact on the Health & Fitness community. All I can say at this time is that it is unique, very interesting and has not been done before. I will provide details as they become available but I am bound to confidentiality until a prototype is completed and patents filed.

On Saturday Oct. 9th from 12-5pm I will be joining the Living Fit table at the “Art of Wellness” in Montclair. This is a festival of local health & wellness experts and guest speakers including Connie Bennet, the author of  “Sugar Shock” who I included in my extremely popular post “Why you should listen to Dr. Robert Lustig” or how HFCS is Destroying America! (click the post title to read).

All day we will be providing: exercise & nutrition information, handouts, program evaluations, performing exercise demos, introducing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and answering your questions and more! Drop by our table and mention the FITMONTCLAIR blog for a UNANNOUNCED special! Watch this blog, Montclair Patch, Montclair Navigator, and Baristanet for details about our presentations and other SPECIAL offers…

Click here for details on the “Art of Wellness”

I am also very happy to announce that I just received the 2011 editorial dates and I am continuing to write the Exercise Specialist and Performance Specialist columns for Men’s Exercise and Exercise for Men Only magazines as well as my monthly column in the Town Medical Associates newsletter (look for me in the newsletter’s Oct. Spotlight!) Watch for new magazine articles coming in Oct & Dec.!

Here is a link to my FREE Article Archive which has all my magazine and newsletter articles:  Article Archive

Last, I have made some additions to the blog page: If you notice there are now categories listed across the top of each post, these will link you to other blogs (not written by me) that have similar topics & content. ** There are also now categories listed down the RIGHT side of the page that will link you to all the blog posts I have written on that topic. At the end of each article I have also included a “LIKE” and “TWEET” button for you to communicate if you liked the post and to send out a “tweet” on Twitter to inform others about the post.

That’s all for now but watch in the upcoming weeks for these posts:

There are NO essential carbohydrates!

The TRUTH about Eggs!

What your microwave is REALLY cooking!

The Danger of GMO foods!!

Ancient Strength Techniques for Modern Times


Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, STAY AWAY from Processed food and Commercial Gyms!!



Using Science to Maximize Health & Performance



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