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What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Runners, Swimmers, and Cyclists Have in Common? August 1, 2010

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Hi Everyone,

Montclair native & American Hero – Dr. “Buzz” Aldrin

I have a new post for all of you!

I promised links to my new articles, well below is the first. (I thought I would give you a few days to read, absorb, and recover from the epic length grass-fed beef post before I post “The truth about Eggs!” – let’s just say the early Astronauts were on to something with a steak & egg breakfast…)

Now back to the current topic at hand; The answer to the “title question” of this post is “SOFT BONES!” Why?, their methods of exercise and training DO NOT place enough mechanical stress on their skeletons to induce increased calcium uptake and bone formation. The runners, swimmers, and cyclists have a combination of excessive distance and environments (water and the bicycle) that lead to bone breakdown and Ms. Paltrow has a F#@KING IDIOT for a trainer !!

2 more I .Q. points and she would officially be an idiot!

 Her so called trainer, Tracy Anderson, has admitted that she has NO formal degrees in Exercise Science, Physiology or any health related field, nor ANY accredited National level training certifications! Anderson is famous for saying “women should NEVER lift weights heavier than 2 pounds  (NO, I am NOT joking!!!)   She also promotes training something called the “accessory muscles”- Gee, I must have missed them in the 7 anatomy courses and numerous physiology classes I have taken – Just to be sure I looked for them in: Gray’s Anatomy, Netter’s Atlas of Anatomy, and several other Medical Texts and I can’t find those “accessory muscles” ?? – MAYBE BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST!!

With sheer stupidity like this is it any wonder the combination of Anderson’s lack of training knowledge and her ultra-low calorie diets (especially low in proteins), fasts, cleanses and associated “witchcraft” have left Paltrow with OSTEOPENIA at age 37!!

Click here to read: Is Gwyneth’s Diet to Blame for Bone Disease?

The take home message ‘You need a combination of proper mechanical stress and sound nutrition” to maintain or increase Bone Mass! I recently wrote an article for the Town Medical Associates newsletter “Increasing Bone Density – Part 1: What is Mechanical Stress or Why Runners, Swimmers, and Cyclists Have Soft Bones!My last 2 articles for the Town Medical newsletter – “The Myth of Aerobic Exercise Parts 1 & 2″ caused quite a stir but many have come to “see the light” that true fitness is MUCH more than ability to jog several miles or have low body fat. True physical fitness encompasses a wide-range of components including but not limited to: muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, body fat %, muscular endurance, speed, balance, agility,  power, and flexibility. An individual’s lifestyle (and sport) determine how much of each component is needed.

To focus solely on one aspect of fitness will only lead to future problems, GUARANTEED! The best analogy I can think of is a car. Like the human body, the car is an integrated system of systems. What happens to the car if you only put gas in it and never: change the oil, tune the engine, put in transmission fluid, add anti-freeze, or put air in the tires – it breaks down, often to a level beyond repair!

A prime candidate for LOW: bone density, strength levels, and TESTOSTERONE!

Now many of you may think the DECREASE in bone density only applies to women, WRONG!! Several of the peer reviewed  studies referenced in the article were done with men just to prove that very point. The studies clearly show that men who train exclusively for distance and endurance can LOSE bone mass just like women and the MEN ALSO SUFFER FROM LOW TESTOSTERONE LEVELS

(I think this could be why skinny, whinny men were among the first to object to my “Myth of Aerobic Exercise” articles – their T levels are in the basement!) The good news is that a combination of animal proteins and resistance training not only preserve and increase male bone mass (and females too!) but they elevate testosterone levels!

Click here to read: “Increasing Bone Density- Part 1”

Here is a preview of the next few weeks of some of the topics I will cover on the FITMONTCLAIR blog: FITCOMXPO II has been postponed but should happen in August (I hope!) I am still presenting as one of the top 100 trainers – Click here to preview the Top 100 .  I will post the dates and more information as it becomes available, anyone interested in having access to all 100 presentations can register at the FITCOMXPO site:

Coming soon!

In my next Performance Enhancement Specialist column in Exercise for Men Only I have Part 1 of a NEW abdominal training article “There are no “Ab” solutes: A sane, logical approach to abdominal training!”  

The August Town Medical Associates newsletter will have: Increasing Bone Density – Part 2 “Why BIG weights build BIG Bones (but not BIG muscles) in women!”

The”other” Incredible Health Food!

The next FITMONTCLAIR blog post will have a great video link on Grass-fed beef and “The Truth About Eggs!”Up next – The Other Incredible Health Food!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!



As many of you know my computer has recently been attacked by Spyware,  so if you have not been receiving an e-mail alert about NEW blog posts it is because your e-mail address was lost. If you wish to receive e-mail updates just send me an e-mail or post a comment at the blog.


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1. tonto murphy - October 5, 2011

id be very surprised if runners had low bone density due to impact forces,cyclists do i know and have trained a few even though the forces on the bones due to muscle contraction are quite high,lack of impact and heavy resistance seem the be lacking.

fitmontclair - October 6, 2011

Thanks for reading & commenting!

The info I wrote about runners & bone density as well as testosterone levels etc came from the medical & scientific research journals listed below – now of course there can be other studies refuting & rebutting these studies.

These references are from the “Increasing Bone Density -Part 1” article I wrote for the Town Medical Newsletter; for this newsletter I am required to provide my references and source material. That is why in my blog I try to always provide links to either other sources, articles, videos etc. not just to believe me. This was a very short post because I was pressed for time, so I posted the link to the full article that had the references at the end rather than wasting time retyping them for the blog – in over 2 years, no readers have requested reference’s or sources because I always try to include them or links to them etc in the post. The average person reading the blog does not have the time or want to spend the time reading research (unfortunately).

Here are references for the bone density article:

1) Kemmler, W. et al. The Erlangen Fitness Osteoporosis Prevention Study: a controlled exercise trial in early postmenopausal women with low bone densityfirst- year results. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2003 May; 84(5):673-82.

2) MacDougal, J.D. et al. Relationship among running mileage, bone density, and serum testosterone in male runners. J Appl Physiol 73: 1165-1170, 1992.

3) Bilanin, J.E. et al. Lower vertebral bone density in male long distance runners. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1989 Feb;21(1):66-70.

4) R. Smith and O. M. Rutherford. Spine and total body bone mineral density and serum testosterone levels in male athletes. European J Appl Physiol and Occup Physiol. 1993 Oct. 67(4):330-334.

5) Nelson, M.E. et al. Effects of high-intensity strength training on multiple risk factors for osteoporotic fractures. A randomized controlled trial. JAMA. 1994 Dec 28;272(24):1909-14.


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