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Why you should listen to Dr. Robert Lustig or “How HFCS is Destroying America!” June 6, 2010

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Hi Everyone,

I know this post is a little late but I had to meet some writing deadlines including “The Myth of Aerobic Exercise – part 2 ‘Why we need more Sprinting & Weight-lifting and less Jogging! ” for the Town Medical Newsletter. As always I will have a link to the article when it is published later this month. (Note: Click here for FREE access to my articles archive for all my previously published articles for: Town Medical, Exercise for Men Only, and Men’s Exercise)

A quick update on my new class “Back to Basics: fundamentals of Training & conditioning”. The class will be Saturday mornings 10:00am – 11:30am from July 10th-31st. I will have a detailed class syllabus later this week but here is a very informal outline. Please note the class is NOT a straight 90 minute workout; there is some lecture and hands-on practical instruction along with a great workout! The ultimate goal is for you to be able to exercise on your own, in PERFECT form and understand the basics of program design & progression so you can design and modify your own workouts.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Intro; REAL Core Training; Basics of flexibility

Week 2: Lower body Training; Alternative Cardio

Week 3: Upper body Training; Sparing the Spine- Safe & Effective Ab Exercises!

Week 4: Full body Training, Circuit Training; Tying it all together!

All those interested should contact me ASAP there are a few spots left ! – The 6 person limit still stands to ensure personal instruction & SAFETY!

Remember July 1st is the 1 year anniversary of the FITMONTCLAIR blog! I will be having specials and FREE events all month long – the catch is you need to read the blog and be one of the first to reply. I will be announcing the events first on Montclair Navigator & Facebook (Hint: join the FITMONTCLAIR group on Navigator -it’s FREE or visit my Facebook page).

O.k. now to the good stuff! [make sure your computer speakers are on & the volume up!]

If you have not heard about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) you must be deaf! This is the additive that is now being linked to obesity and MANY other health problems plaguing the USA. It is a refined sugar made from the processing of corn – IT IS IN NO WAY NATURALLY OCCURRING IN NATURE, NOR IS IT HEALTHY TO CONSUME IN THE MASS QUANTITIES BEING PUMPED INTO SOCIETY TODAY!

From http://www.SweetSurprise.com – Here is one of the ads the Corn Refiners Association uses on t.v. to convince & persuade the uniformed that HFCS is safe & GOOD for you! – WHAT A BUNCH OF B.S.!!

They invite you to come get the facts EXCEPT as you will soon read & see they provide NO FACTS – just UNPUBLISHED blurbs and partial quotes designed to mislead you and disguise the TRUTH! (Talk about false claims – the FDA should bust them and leave the vitamin companies ALONE !)

Their ads could not be further from the TRUTH! – watch this video from Dr. Bellonzi as he explains exactly what HFCS is:

The Sweet Surprise site lists quotes from many scientists & doctors on the supposed safety of HFCS and that it is treated by the body just like SUGAR!!

Did we all suddenly become STUPID!! Sugar is NOT healthy, it is a MAIN cause of: Obseity, Type II Diabetes,  Tooth Decay, and contributes to many degenerative conditions such as Metabolic Syndrome, High Triglycerides, and Dementia; not to mention all the attention & hyper-activity disorders (ever give young children a bunch sugar – WATCH OUT!)

All of their “expert” quotes are just bits of obviously longer statements that have been truncated by the website to show HFCS in a favorable light; but STILL the best they manage is to talk about labeling, serving size or saying the body treats it like sugar – pretty pathetic!

I mean if HFCS was really safe & had ANY health benefits would the Corn Refiners Assoc. need the t.v. ads and their sham webpage!  NOTICE  none of the supposedly pro-HFCS quotes come from  PEER REVIEWED medical & science journals The gold standard in professional research (the best they could do was dig up some N.Y. Times quotes) They DO NOT produce 1 valid PEER REVIEWED study and even if they did; do a Pub Med search and you will find many more published anti-HFCS studies than pro-HFCS ! (Recently the Corn Refiners Assoc. added more supposed experts to their info page – HOWEVER, these science & medical experts are NOT independent and receive either direct or indirect funding through HFCS sales. NOTICE there are NO peer reviewed published science or medical journal studies listed that support the safety or attribute any health benefits to HFCS – just partial quotes and random statements from questionable experts on the CFA or FDA payroll!

No, Sugar does NOT make you fat! (and Santa & the Easter Bunny are REAL)

Click here to read a PDF file of the quotes from SweetSurprise: Sweet Surprise Experts

You think you are safe because you don’t eat HFCS or eat it in moderation – NOT TRUE; watch the video below of where HFCS is hiding by Connie Bennett author of  “Sugar Shock”.

Here’s your Sweet Surprise: Half the HFCS food products tested currently have MERCURY in them (Thanks FDA for letting HFCS in the food supply!)

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post Jan 26th 2009 you MUST read!- MONDAY, Jan. 26 (HealthDay News) — Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient, according to two new U.S. studies.

Click here to read the complete Washington Post Article

Here is a video of one the “Sweet Surprises” you can get from HFCS! (The Corn Refiners Assoc. forgot this one for their website…)

[ The video is short; Please make sure you watch for the quotes from Dr. David Wallinga of The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. He is one of the authors of the Mercury in HFCS studies!]

Here is the ORIGINAL Mercury video that was in the post but was taken off of Youtube ( It has much more scientific detail !)

Sugar is GOOD for children & infants! (if you want them to be OBESE & SICK!)


Some  of you may be saying that I have not provided good info or a credible expert, well I suggest you all listen to the interview or watch the video of  Robert Lustig, M.D. UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the division of Endocrinology. He graduated from M.I.T with a degree in Nutrition and then went on to receive his Medical Degree from Cornell University. He is the author of 70 peer reviewed papers and 35 medical book chapters; he is currently studying the neuro-endocrine relationship of insulin resistance and obesity.

You can listen to or download an MP3 of Dr. Lustig discussing HFCS  – “Sugar the Bitter Truth!” from blog talk radio or you can watch the video of Dr. Lusting discussing HFCS – “Sugar the Bitter Truth! (this is a 90 minute scientific lecture for science nerds like me!)

Here are some highlights of Dr. Lustig’s interview & video:

  • HFCS causes insulin resistance & fat storage
  • HFCS leads to Fatty Liver disease AND destroys a CRUCIAL blood pressure lowering enzyme
  • Why we have MORE & MORE obese 6 month olds!
  • How the food industry QUADRUPLED annual profits from HFCS (so the FDA won’t ban it)
  • More info on how EVIL the Coca Cola corporation is
  • Sugar is metabolized like fat – the results of a high sugar or high fat diet are the SAME!
  • The difference between large buoyant  & small dense cholesterol – only 1 causes heart disease (the 1 stimulated by HFCS!)
  • Why a calorie is NOT a calorie!!
  • Sugar is a LEGAL addiction just as strong as street drugs like heroin!
  • Why Ancel Keys research on fat consumption and heart disease is flawed
  • The “Martinez Project” – how a California town is going  Sugar-FREE (Yes, The WHOLE town and restaurants & businesses!!)
  • and MUCH, MUCH more from this brilliant man!

Click Here to listen to or download the interview with Dr. Lustig!

Here is the short version of Dr. Lustig’s “Sugar the Bitter Truth”  but I REALLY recommend the MP3 interview and the FULL version of Dr Lustig’s lecture!

In closing, DON’T BELIEVE  HFCS IS SAFE, NECESSARY OR BENEFICIAL IN ANY WAY! You MUST read labels and if: HFCS, High-Fructose, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup or anything like that is on the label LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF!

Have a great week and remember EAT ONLY REAL FOOD!


(*REAL food comes from Organic Farms – NEVER in a can, box or microwavable container and IT NEVER, EVER comes through a drive-thru window!*)


Using Science to Maximize Health & Performance



1. Kelvin - June 15, 2010

Nice job! Working your abs is really imporant: it makes you look fit and healthy. I personally try ab exercises from http://www.buikspieren.nl and do these exercises 3 times per week. It takes quit a lot of discipline!

fitmontclair - June 16, 2010

Please note Kelvin’s comment is about “The Abdominal Myth’s” series of posts on the FITMONTCLAIR blog but since he also read this post and commented here I left it here. The next several comments & replies all deal with the HFCS post and the interviews with Dr. Lustig. – Gordon

Thanks Kelvin!

I’m glad you liked the info; ab work is extremely important for health! Not only do you look good if body fat is low but the abdominal muscles help protect your spine from injury and something I haven’t covered yet, ab exercise helps keep normal digestion & elimination for your body. The deep abdominal muscles also work with the pelvic floor & diaphragm to act as a series of biological pumps that circulate blood, oxygen, and lymphatic fluid throughout your body.

I hope to go into the biological pumps in a later post!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and thanks again for reading the blog!


P.S. if you want to be added to my e-mail alert list for when I put up a new post, just let me know.

2. Jacob - August 15, 2010

A major point of Lustig’s lecture is that HFCS is NOT WORSE than sugar.

fitmontclair - August 15, 2010

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to watch Dr. Lustig’s video and comment on my post. You are right in that was a point made in the video; however my point of view is that sugar is not safe regardless of the form and the excess sugar consumption in the U.S. is major source of obesity & illness. Research done at Princeton University by Dr. Bart Hoebel shows that in animal studies sugar meets the 4 criteria for addiction and affects the reward center of the brain; the 4 criteria are: Binging, Withdrawal, Cravings,and Cross-reaction with other addictive substances. I believe the human data will eventually prove the same results.

I provided the link to the Underground Wellness interview with Dr. Lustig for it was done after the “Bitter Truth” video and it has new and updated info.

Here is an overview and some quotes by the minutes of the interview:

19:39 – 20:07 minutes of the interview:

When asked ” is HFCS the same as sugar” Dr. Lustig replies ” up until 5 hours ago I would have said “yes”. “I would have said they are exactly the same but there is new research coming from Utah to suggest that maybe they are not the same”

21:04 – 21:22 Dr Lustig say’s “I always said they are the same “equally BAD!” The Corn Refiners Association just leave out the “equally bad” when they quote me”.

Dr Lustig continues with:

They (Corn Refiners) say” Even Dr. Lustig say’s they are the same”, Dr. Lustig follows with “Yeah, the same POISON!”

So Jacob, you can see that Dr. Lustig is in NO WAY in favor of HFCS or Sugar, regardless of the form.

22:00 – 22:50 – Dr. Lustig expands on the new research from Utah (that is only 5 hours old at the time of the interview) These studies indicate there MAY be a difference in the rate of absorption of HFCS by the intestines compared to sugar and if this is true the faster increase in fructose levels will overload and damage the liver.

I have to again note that these are animal studies but as we know many animal studies transfer well to humans (that’s how many drugs are first tested)

I know it is a lot of information, and it is NOT a “knock” or attack on you, but you would gain further insight and current information if you went back and listened to the Underground Wellness interview.

Here is the link to the interview:


Thanks for reading and please check often for NEW blog posts!

Have a great day!


3. John Nosta - April 15, 2011

I thought you might like a bit more on the story of fructose and toxic sugar!



fitmontclair - April 15, 2011

Thanks John!

That is great post linking the truth of LDL cholesterol problems to sugar, specifically HFCS and not dietary consumption of fat & cholesterol. I agree there is definitely GOOD sugar and BAD sugar, just like good & bad cholesterol. I love how Dr. Lustig links BAD sugar to BAD cholesterol – the TRUE culprit of heart disease!

In addition to the video you have of Dr. Lustig’s lecture, a great interview with him is available at Blog Talk Radio This interview adds lots of important updated info including what you wrote about HFCS being metabolized differently (Based on the research of Princeton Univ. professor, Dr. Bart Hoebel and other researchers based in Utah).

There is also a great write up on Dr. Lustig & the dangers of HFCS in the New York Times Magazine from April 13, 2011 – Here’s a link to the article: Is Sugar Toxic ?

Last year I wrote a blog post which showed new research proving junk food is addictive and I tracked the the research in the U.S. & Europe showing how long scientists have known this. The post also included information from Dr. Candace Pert who wrote back in 1999 in her book “Molecules of Emotion” that sugar should be classified as a Schedule I Narcotic due to it’s addictiveness. This same conclusion was reached by the Scripps research scientists and was presented in 2009 at the Annual Meeting for Neuroscience.

Here is an excerpt from From Science News Nov. 21st 2009:

“This is the most complete evidence to date that suggests obesity and drug addiction have common neurobiological underpinnings,” says study coauthor Paul Johnson. “Just as heroin addicts require more and more of the drug to feel good, rats needed more and more of the junk food. “They lose control,” Kenny says. “This is the hallmark of addiction.”

We have a true health epidemic on our hands, yet as always due to the billions of corporate dollars involved and shady politics it will be hard to change! As always when you want to find out WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL – FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Thanks for the link and reading my blog! Feel free to to pass it on to anyone you think can benefit from the info!

Watch for new posts, info, and events coming soon!


P.S. in case anyone still thinks cholesterol is the cause of heart disease, you need to read this article by Ron Rosedale, M.D. “Cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease!” and for even more in depth information on the truth about cholesterol and heart disease please read the works of Uffe Ravnskov, M.D., PhD one of the foremost experts in the world on cholesterol – “The Cholesterol Myths” and “Cholesterol & Fat are GOOD for you!” Both can be found at Dr. Ravnskov’s website: http://www.ravnskov.nu/about_the_author.htm#about

NOTE: If you are interested in the books by Dr. Ravnskov I mentioned as well as others PLEASE SCROLL down to the bottom his page that the link above takes you to; the books are listed AFTER all the good Dr.’s numerous scientific publications (can you say “prolific genius!)

P.S.S I just noticed the shortened video lecture of Dr. Lustig’s “Sugar the Bitter Truth!” is not working, I know the creator and I will try to find where he is hosting it now and fix the link – sorry for the inconvenience.


4. fitmontclair - July 1, 2011

**** Hi Everyone!

I just want you to know that The Mercury in HFCS video was pulled off Youtube BUT I added one with direct quotes from Dr. David Wallinga, one of the authors of the Mercury in HFCS studies!

I then found the original Mercury in HFCS from a different contributor to Youtube and replaced it on the blog! *******

REMEMBER, if you find broken or missing links, videos, pictures etc. PLEASE let me know ASAP so I can fix or replace them.



5. obesitysolutionRita - October 25, 2011

watch sugar the bitter truth childrens version


fitmontclair - October 26, 2011

Thanks for reading my blog and adding the great link!

The REALLY SAD thing is that most adults need to watch the children’s version because they will not put in the time or effort to watch Dr. Lustig’s video or even listen to his interviews.

I think the children;s version should be mandatory viewing for all kids (AND THEIR PARENTS – SINCE PARENTS BUY THE FOOD !!!)

I am considering doing an HFCS update post because the FDA has once again sold out and allowed the Corn Refiners Assoc. to label HFCS with at least 15 MISLEADING NAMES ON FOOD LABELS TO HIDE THE HFCS – so unfortunately avoiding HFCS is NOT ENOUGH!!


6. Harry van Someren (@HSomeren) - April 5, 2012

Great information! I’m trying to live according to a high standard, like described on http://www.bestebuikpieroefeningen.com. The site is about exercise, but it’s made clear overthere: exercise is far more than exercise: taking the right food is also exercise – it takes some discipline to not eat this hamburger again :-).

fitmontclair - April 5, 2012

Hi Harry,

Glad you liked my article, I hope you read the comments for there were links to other articles and more info.

Did you know Dr. Lustig was on CBS television this past Sunday (4-1-12) on 60 Minutes, here are some links to that interview and other topics that did not make the interview:

CBS – Is Sugar Toxic…

CBS – All calories are NOT equal!

CBS – How fructose builds belly fat!

I will check out the site you recommended, you are 100% correct that choosing the right food is exercise. I mentioned about the effects of nutrition on the abdominal wall & spinal stability in my post:

The Abdominal Myths – 4A – The role of nutrition in abdominal training

I always tell clients and attendees at my workshops & seminars that “Nutrition is MORE powerful than exercise!” for you eat more times per week than you workout. The more time you perform an activity, the more opportunities you have to affect you – positively or negatively…

Nutriton can be the source of many problems including: joint point, headaches, back pain, lethargy, insomnia etc. Food is a DRUG!! Depending on what people choose, it can be a powerful healing drug or a toxic poison!

I also have posts on the blog dealing with: Dairy, Soy, and Trans fats as well as proper label reading to help you choose the best foods for you. Just use the search engine on the right side of the blog.

Thanks again for reading & commenting!

Have a great day!


P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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