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“Why AEROBIC does NOT MEAN CARDIOVASCULAR!” – The Myth of Aerobic Exercise! May 22, 2010

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are getting outside and getting some fresh air & sunshine (sunshine is critical for Vitamin D production!)

Like I posted on Facebook, I have been really busy meeting several article deadlines, training clients and working on NEW blog posts.  If you are on Facebook send me a friend request to get the latest updates and exercise & nutrition tips!

I have also been considering teaching a 4 week exercise class at Living Fit Studio this summer. The class is titled “Back to Basics: Fundamentals of Training & Conditioning!” It is designed to be an interactive exercise class that eliminates all the crap & B.S the media, gyms and so – called fitness professionals preach.  I will teach basic and advanced exercises that can be done at home and outdoors with minimal exercise equipment (many with just body weight) and I guarantee it will be the most educational, fun and toughest workouts you have ever done! I will prove that you DO NOT need a multi-million dollar gym to get in shape;  just a proper program, solid instruction and a desire to change !!

If you are interested in the class please post a comment or send me an e-mail and I will answer your questions and reserve you a space (if you want to learn & challenge yourself!) – To ensure PERSONAL attention & SAFETY the class will be LIMITED to the first  6 people who respond! WATCH HERE FOR MORE DETAILS – COMING SOON!

The latest edition of the Town Medical Associates Newsletter has my article: “Why Aerobic DOES NOT always mean Cardiovascular” – The Myth of Aerobic Exercise Part 1. This article explains the difference between Aerobics and cardiovascular exercise (they are NOT the same thing!) and introduces you to the concepts of PROPER cardiovascular training based on intensity; the BIGGEST mistake most exercisers make and ONE OF THE HUGEST LIES IN THE COMMERCIAL FITNESS INDUSTRY!!

Click here to read the article!

And just so you don’t think I am the only one who believes this or that I make this stuff up, click here to read a published article on cardiovascular training by local WNBF Pro, personal trainer & nutrition consultant Rich Fitter :

Understanding Cardio- By Rich Fitter

I am still working on “What your microwave oven is really cooking 24 -7” . I hope to have it completed very soon, but being this is a HIGHLY controversial subject I want to make sure I provide accurate &  scientifically valid research and information along with multiple references so you can make an informed, educated decision about your health and that of your family’s!

To make the information  more readable and easier to understand I  divided it into sections. The sections are as follows:

  • · Introduction
  • · History
  • · How it works & safety
  • · German & Russian research
  • · Russian Ban
  • · Swedish research
  • · Effects on Blood Transfusion
  • · Effects on Mother’s milk
  • · Effects on the heart 
  • · Effects on diabetes
  • · Effects on plastics
  • · Anti-nutrients and Pro-oxidants
  • · Summary of forensic evidence
  • · Symptoms of microwave sickness
  • · Further reading
  • · References

As you can see it is a lot of info and a lot of work but I wouldn’t do it if it was not important and I wasn’t making a difference! Watch for the full post coming soon – guaranteed you don’t want to miss it!

Last,  My final May in Monctlair Event: “Movement Matters!”  is scheduled for this Thursday May 27th at 7:30pm at Living Fit Studio.  Please RSVP by Tuesday  5-25 if you have not already done so. For details & to RSVP click on the FREE May in Montclair Event page.

Have a great weekend, and remember “Aerobic does NOT always mean cardiovascular!



Using Science to Maximize Health & Performance



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