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Hi Everyone,

The Mc Donald’s , lifespan, and obesity post is after this one (just scroll down). I had to put up an EMERGENCY POST!  The S510 Food Safety Bill is set to go before the Senate for a vote. This Bill HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOD SAFETY AND WILL DESTROY LOCAL FARMS & ORGANIC FARMING!!

Click here to listen to an interview with Dr. Shiv Chopra

A FREE fax service has been set up to fight S510 – PLEASE send a fax to each of your state’s Senators – IT TAKES LESS THAN 5 MINUTES AND IS 100% FREE!!

It must be a FAX for they are cataloged & saved for 7 years!!

*** The FAX Service is 100% FREE and does NOT require a fax machine! It is TOTALLY done on-line! Everything is preset, you just add your name & address to the letter and enter the fax # of your Senators – which are listed for you by state. IT TAKES LESS THAN 5 MINUTES – PLEASE HELP SAVE LOCAL FARMS!!***

Click here for the FREE FAX SERVICE

Don’t let the government destroy local farms for good!!

Thanks for your help!




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