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Is 365 Organic really Organic? – What Whole Foods isn’t telling you..**UPDATED 10-14-12: CEO admits products contain Monsanto GMOs, Prop 37 LOSING ground – They need your support!!** April 11, 2010

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Hello FITMONTCLAIR readers,

I was planning (and still am) a HUGE updated post on the lies, deception, and trickery of supposedly ORGANIC supporters like Whole Foods but due to the need for EVERYONE TO SUPPORT PROPOSITION 37 FOR LABELING OF GMO FOODS  in California  in November. (for then it will spread to the rest of the U.S. – Companies will not pay to make separate labels & containers  for 1 state, and  it will lead to other states questioning the safety of GMO food) I added NEW videos and information at the end of the blog post showing hidden-camera lies at Whole Foods, which companies ARE REALLY ORGANIC, and that Whole Foods SELLS A HIGH-PERCENTAGE  OF UNLABELED GMO FOODS!!!!

As you will learn in the video, WholeFoods DOES NOT REALLY SUPPORT GMO LABLEING AND HAS NOT CONTRIBUTED 1 DOLLAR TO Prop. 37 in California, because the labeling of GMO foods will HURT THEM FINANCIALLY!!!

HERE IS THE ORIGINAL 2010  Whole Foods 365 Organic POST:

Hi Everyone!

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Montclair Navigator

Now on to something I discovered while researching other posts and articles. First, I hope you all understand and support the need for Organic farming and foods. Not only are they what we are truly designed to eat but they DO NOT destroy the ecosystem or mistreat animals!

Many of us (myself included) shop at one of our local Whole Foods – the nations first certified organic grocer, which is great but just because it is sold at Whole Foods does NOT mean it is good for you.

Like many greedy corrupt companies and politicians, Whole Foods tries to hide the truth with slick advertising and often confusing language.  Here are some examples:  Much of the in store signage uses the words: natural, local, locally grown, and conventionalNONE OF THESE MEAN AN ORGANIC PRODUCT!!  Although many people believe if it is sold at Whole Foods it is automatically organic; to foster this belief the first signs people see on the doors as they enter say “Proud to be the nation’s first organic grocer”. Whole Foods does have many quality organic products but not everything they sell is organic. Something I tell everyone to do is replace the word ” Conventional” on ALL the Whole Foods signs with “CHEMICAL”  and I am sure you will think twice before buying it, for ALL conventional farming uses TOXIC  PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES, FUNGICIDES AND OTHER CHEMICALS  that are UNSAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! – Unless specifically stated by a local farmer you KNOW & TRUST that they use ORGANIC  and or BIO-DYNAMIC farming principles & techniques and that they just refuse to pay an often OUTRAGEOUS certification fee – I know several great organic farmers that believe the local certification standards are too “lax” and refuse to pay for the certification until standards are increased & upheld.

We all still need to read labels and investigate where the food comes from diligently for many of the “Organic Certifications” are of poor quality and low standards requiring no inspection, just a yearly fee payment. Even the USDA Certified Organic products are becoming less reliable due to loopholes in the legislation and pressure from large food manufacturers to allow greater percentages on non-organic ingredients to be in supposedly organic foods.

Click here for an example of the weakening of USDA Organic Standards

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE 2010 UPDATED S.O.S (Safe guard Organic Standards) – It has even MORE HORRENDOUS lies, toxins, and poisons that the Government and BOGUS Organic companies are trying to  sneak into our foods & stores!!

The 2010   S.O.S from Organic Consumers Assoc.

To help consumers afford the cost of organic foods Whole Foods launched their 365 Organic line which has many good products, however we still need to investigate where these products come from for many foreign countries supply the Whole Foods 365 Organic line. They have poor or no standards and the USDA DOES NOT certify organic food from other countries, they rely on independent 3rd parties who may or may not adhere to organic standards. Case and point – Whole Foods has a product called “California Blend” which is a medley of frozen organic vegetables. The bag conjures up visions of fresh, organic farms in California or SO WE THOUGHT!

365 organci logo

Watch this ABC News I-Team video investigation for the truth of where these vegetables are coming from and how little inspection and adherence to organic standards there are:

Since the release of this story Whole Foods now uses USDA Organic Vegetables for its California Blend – But remember this is one product of hundreds…

To help you in determining where your food is really coming from here is the internal Whole Foods memo the ABC I-Team gained access to and has in the video:

iteamwholefoodslist052108  – Please give the PDF file time to download, it is several pages long and covers multiple foods & food groups.

So it is sill buyer beware even with Whole Foods!


TAKE ACTION NOW – Click here to tell Whole Foods to get RID OF Monsanto and GMO foods!






Click the link below to watch the video…

organic spies 1

Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting!

10-14-12:  ** Organic Spies 2nd Whole Foods video shows that employees are trained to lie about GMOs in foods!**

organic spies 2

Click here to watch the 2nd Organic Spies video


mackey 1Whole Foods CEO John Mackey confirmed in a blog post three days ago that Whole Foods knowingly sells Monsanto GMO corn in numerous products. And yet at the same time Whole Foods refuses to make its day-to-day shoppers aware of this horrifying fact!

whole santo 1




Click on this link to read more about Whole Foods and Monsanto!

l a times 1Even with all the new video evidence a NEW L.A. Times poll shows Prop 37 support dropping due to increased LIES (i.e. advertising by Monsanto et al) – Click below for the L.A. Times article


Support for Proposition 37 is slipping, poll finds

prop 37Click here to donate & help support Prop 37!

ARE YOU A MONTCLARION OR LIVE IN ESSEX COUNTY N.J.? nj essex mapAre you SICK of Whole Food’s lies about organic & GMO foods?  We soon will have another choice!


Coming Soon:

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Opening November 16th 2012!

Click the logo for more details and to contact Trader Joe’s

259 Allwood Road

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Trading Hours:
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Now before you start sending hate mail, posting negative comments, and flaming me; I know Trader Joe’s is NOT perfect and only their SELECT line is GMO free BUT  they are another choice and Whole Foods WILL LISTEN TO WHERE YOU SPEND YOUR DOLLARS!

IF YOU REALLY WANT  Whole Foods to change, BOYCOTT  THEM FOR A WHILE!! (It worked in Europe & Japan to label & remove GMO foods…)

Trader Joe’s has made a great effort to remove foods containing GMOs from its private label products, and their line of Organic products keeps growing, but they are NOT openly endorsing Yes on Prop 37! Trader Joe’s (UNLIKE Whole Foods) usually listens to its customers: Please ask Trader Joe’s to actively and openly endorse Yes on Prop 37: their endorsement would make a hugely positive impact! We all have the right to know what’s in our food!

Click here to sign the petition to ask  Trader Joe’s to support Prop 37!

As always more to come!



Still NO store will match or surpass the farm delivery service I use: 100% Grass fed & finished beef, 100% grass fed RAW organic dairy, organic cage free pastured chickens & eggs (chickens graze wild, NO FEED!), grass-fed organic lamb, game, and organ meats!! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AND YOU ARE WHAT YOUR FOOD EATS!! A great quote I heard from my friend & mentor Paul Chek “You can either pay the farmer now or the doctor later!!” – I choose to pay the farmer and never see the doctor……

If you live in NJ or NYC and would like information on the farm service I use, just email me or send me a message on facebook



1. zach - February 27, 2011


Check out this strange page about whole foods milk. Every part of it refers to as “365 every day organic” except this one line:

“Although 365 Everyday Value Milk is not organic”

fitmontclair - March 2, 2011

Hi Zach,

Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to reply! I agree the WFM 365 organic line looks to be a little shady (between the blog video & your link). I also have really lost faith in WFM in that they and their partners in the Organic Elite have recently caved in to Monsanto and decided to stop fighting them and are now working on “peaceful co-existence” whatever BS that is..Click the link here to read the SAD TRUTH: Organic Elite SURRENDERS to Monsanto!

For now the best I can say is to use local organic farmers whom you trust and can visit their farms etc. For milk, I found a supplier of RAW organic dairy from the Weston A. Price foundation and that is the only dairy I use. Here is a link to their campaign for Real Milk: http://www.realmilk.com it will list by state where you can get raw dairy.

I hope to have more blog updates soon; I have been busy writing for several magazines & newsletters and building a new website etc. Please feel free to forward any blog post to people you think it can help and you can place links to the blog wherever you think they would do some good!

Thanks again for reading and feel free to always ask me questions!


Rudy - April 27, 2011

“Although 365 Everyday Value Milk is not organic” is taken out of context. In reading the link you cited, there are 2 different milks being referenced – 365 and 365 Organic Everyday Value Milk.

fitmontclair - April 27, 2011

Hi Rudy,

Thanks for reading my blog! You are right in that there are 2 different products and they should not be confused, however I did not cite that link in the post, it was sent to me by another reader (Zach) in a comment. So really it is not out of context, there just needs to be a distinction between the 2 products and people really must be made aware there are 2 products – 1 organic and 1 not.

I am glad you pointed that out for Whole Foods is a little deceptive in their in-store advertising & marketing for they have large signs touting “Proud to be the Nation’s first certified organic grocer” and many unsuspecting people believe that all their products are organic. Not everyone understands that “Natural, Local, and Conventional” DO NOT mean organic and the 365 & 365 Organic labels are very similar on many products.

People need to become educated as you obviously are in label reading. I still think the 365 Organic line is shady with some products coming from countries where pesticides & chemicals are not banned and organic laws not enforced (look at the PDF of the internal WFM memo I have in the body of the post – many products are NOT from the USA). My personal opinion is to buy local, organic where you can talk to the farmer & visit farm, after that to use products from the USA or Europe with the more prestigious Organic Certifications like Demeter, Biologique etc.)

I personally don’t recommend ANY dairy that is NOT BOTH organic & RAW and from grass-fed cows.
Organic pasteurized dairy is still devoid of almost all nutritional benefits. If one must use pasteurized dairy, I would go with Organic Valley and STAY AWAY from the factory farmed B.S. organic like Horizon & Kirkland etc. – they try to break and bend every rule & standard of organic farming.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and make people aware of the 2 different product line at Whole Foods.

Have a great day!


2. christine - April 6, 2011

I buy Hatchers Milk from Whole Foods market, which comes from College Grove TN. It’s some good stuff. I’ve even been to the farm.

fitmontclair - April 7, 2011

Hi Christine,

Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to comment! I am glad you are happy with your milk – every Whole Foods (from what I have read) tries to source many products from local farms. More importantly, you took the time to visit the farm and are happy with what you saw.

The only thing, depending on the farm – the milk, even if it is organic, it may not come from 100% grass fed cows, which can be a problem for people with allergies or sensitivities to grains in the feed. Also depending on the state law, the milk may have to be pasteurized which even if organic, is not a great product for all the healthy bacteria, enzymes, and growth factors have been damaged or destroyed.

If you are happy with the product that is the most important thing, I always try to buy the local products at Whole Foods because I too research and talk to the local farmers. It seems the problems are with the non-local & imported products, the quality checks are not there and many of the “Organic” Certifications do not adhere to high standards.

It comes down to we all have to be vigilant in our investigations of the food, even from Whole Foods & local farmers and demand proof that their products are what they promise.

Keep up the good work!

Watch for some new posts & info coming soon! (I promise)


3. Holly Henry Mobley - July 10, 2011


fitmontclair - July 11, 2011

Hi Holly,

Thanks for reading the blog & commenting! I’m glad you found it interesting. Feel free to ask any questions you may have or pass on the info to anyone you feel can benefit from it.

I find it not only interesting but: scary, sad, and upsetting! It just shows that we cannot trust anyone other than local farmers whom we can visit, observe, and question about their methods & products. We must also let chains such as Whole foods know that are aware of their deceit and that we will not stand for it!!!

I recently found one of my local Whole Foods over charging me for organic, grass-fed beef. The sign at the counter said $7.99 per lb. and the scale was set for beef that was $8.99 per lb. The counter-person just played dumb and then re-calibrated the scale for the correct price. THIS HAS HAPPENED 2 MORE TIMES!! I am going to try and take pictures or video next time!

I am losing more faith in Whole Foods EVERYDAY!!


4. Luis - February 22, 2012

Wow! F**k you Whole Foods, I shall take a good look now when buying my veggies, and fruits.

fitmontclair - February 22, 2012

Hi Luis!

Thanks for reading the blog & commenting! I feel the same way. I find the best thing is if you can find local, organic food where you can go and talk to the farmer and see the farm etc.

I recommend this because you CANNOT trust the USDA organic certification – if you click on the links in the blog post you can read how the USDA organic standard is CONSTANTLY being weakened and diluted to allow NON-organic foods to be labeled as such.

If you are on Facebook, you can get the latest updates from my page all you have to do is send a friend request. I update that page faster than the blog. (because the topics are shorter and have fewer links / pictures/ videos etc)

One of the latest updates was on how NEOTAME – a derivative of aspartame (Nutrasweet) is NOW ALLOWED IN ORGANIC FOODS WITHOUT ANY LABELING OF IT ON THE PACKGE!!!

here’s the link about NEOTAMEI don’t make any of this stuff up!!!

Hope you keep reading the blog, feel free to ask any questions and to forward a link to anyone my information can help!!!

Have a great day!


5. enlevez - April 17, 2012

Hi Gordon, I accidentally stumbled across your blog and I am so grateful for the stumble. I am transitioning to more organic foods and I travel over 100 miles to shop a whole foods in Short Pump, VA. I am very disappointed in what I have learned on your site and it makes me wonder if there is anybody left that has an ethical bone in their body. Who can you really trust unless you grow everything yourself. Genuflecting has become the norm these days and to hear that WFM is doing this with Monsanto is very disturbing. Whole Foods Market should be raked over the coals for mutiny!

fitmontclair - April 17, 2012

I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog and I was able to help you! I agree there are VERY few (if any) ethical food companies, but don’t give up hope! You just need to be smarter then them and we all need to vote with our dollars for that is all that really matters!

Here are some ideas and websites to help you.

Go to http://www.eatwild.com for a listing of farms and co-ops near you.

For RAW dairy go to http://www.realmilk.com this is the Weston A Price foundations listing by state of who sells RAW dairy (and usually other organic products)

You can also visit http://www.westonaprice.org and find if there is a chapter leader near you; they all organize organic food deliveries and co-ops or they will at least know who to contact.

You can shop Whole Foods, just use the PDF file from my blog post to identify where their products come from and AVOID the one’s of non U.S. origin if you think they have substandard or falsified organic certifications .

If there is a Trader Joe’s near you, they usually have good products at reasonable prices HOWEVER, ONLY the Trader Joe SELECT line is all GMO FREE! Don’t believe the signs “Joe say’s NO to GMO” – it is only their Select line that does.

If you have any questions, just ask! Please feel free to pass my blog on to anyone you feel it can help! You can post links to it, re-post the info etc. just please give me credit as the author as I do this for all the people, organizations etc I mention in my posts.

Have a great day!


6. Michael - May 6, 2012

“Wow! F**k you Whole Foods” and “Whole Foods Market should be raked over the coals for mutiny!” .. Seriously? At the Whole Foods I shop at I have never been under the impression that they claim all their food is Organic. They sell organic products and conventional products. I have never felt mislead. If you have, then you need to be ashamed of ignorance and faulty Assumptions.

“I shall take a good look now when buying my veggies, and fruits.”.. Yeah, looking at what your buying is a good thing. Having a big “Organic” on half the produce, and a “Conventional” on the other half is SO not noticeable. I guess Conventional, needs explanation? Organic Vs. Conventional.. That’s not clear? Its clearly on the sign and most the organic produce and ORGANIC stickers on them.

“Local, Locally Grown, Conventional, – These Don’t Mean Organic!!”.. Huh.. glad you cleared that up. Are you under the impression that everything local is Organic? The store puts the label of “Organic” on Organic foods.. crazy idea right?

Though I can appreciate your concern, seems as random attacking on a company by opening a big case of obvious. I work at sprouts (and formerly TraderJoes) and every other grocer that concentrates on organic foods has to supplement with conventional foods. The business would not sustain itself on the turnover rate and waste of purely organic foods. Go to an organic farmers market for that, which doesn’t have the operating costs and expenditures.

fitmontclair - May 6, 2012


Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and comment; however it is rude to belittle & attack other readers who may not be aware of the labeling and signage used in Whole Foods. As you state, you work within the industry and are obviously familiar with industry terms, labeling, and marketing. Many industries have their own terms, verbiage, and “slang” that is often not readily obvious or understood by a lay person. Many in the medical, legal, financial and scientific fields use such language, would you berate someone for not understanding terms in those fields?; are you fluent in all those fields? It is you who should be ashamed for your arrogance and attitude, not the blog readers.

Whole Foods is NOT completely honest
and they are deceptive in many things as demonstrated: in the ABC news investigation video, the internal PDF memo showing true countries of origin, and the Food Freedom article on the “Surrender of the Organic Elite”.

The blog post on the “Whole Foods 365 Organic line” is the most popular post of the last 4 years with over 6,000 views and the only negative reply was from you. People obviously want this information and use multiple search engines to seek it out.

Many Americans, especially seniors and immigrants are NOT up to date on food labeling definitions and many place their trust in companies like Whole Foods, Whole Foods DOES practice deceptive marketing – the latest being that in-store “orange” signs used to designate organic produce and “green” denoted conventional products; Whole foods now uses orange for both – a consumer in a rush or preoccupied with other matters may not have time to read the details but just look for the orange signs. Of course no store can offer only 100% organic foods, that was never the point. The point was the lying & deception from Whole Foods and confusing labels for many who are not in the industry or familiar with the terminology used.

I shudder to think of the replies you give to customers in the store you work in. Do you mock them and criticize their lack of knowledge if they ask you a question?

This post was to provide hidden information that consumers should be aware of and to raise their consciousness as to the need for proper label reading and taking due diligence to become more educated on their food sources. That shoppers CANNOT have BLIND FAITH in companies such as Whole Foods. Instead of providing further insight, help, and support you chose to ridicule them! I am sure the Corporate leaders at Sprouts would love to read your comments, you must be a model employee – note my sarcasm!

There is an old saying “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” I suggest you follow it in the future, for while I published your reply unedited, I will NOT approve or post anything else you send, for I will not subject my readers to your negative outlook, demeaning remarks, and condescending attitude!

Thank you for your comments, I only wish they came from an intelligent, caring person and not an arrogant troll.


**Update 10-4-12, If you want more proof of Whole Foods deception & false claims click on the link to watch the Organic Spies Hidden Camera Sting about GMO foods and their failure to join with REAL organic companies to fund & support GMO labeling:

Simon - October 9, 2012

You are so damn right man. But still some people, as Gordon says are not really paying attention to detail, so they really need to be told “THIS IS NOT AN ORGANIC PRODUCT !!! IT IS DANGEROUS !!! But it’s cheaper, so maybe you should buy it.” Hell no ! No one is going to buy it after this. So obviously Whole Foods is not going to make a big deal out of it. They are a store, not charity company. They will always think of profit first.

So, Gordon – keep helping people open their eyes on obvious. Thank you for that.

But really – don’t blame Whole Foods for not yelling “We sell GMOs ! WHOA !”.

Stay healthy and informed !

fitmontclair - October 10, 2012

Hi Simon,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment!

You are right that we can’t depend on companies like Whole Foods to announce they sell GMO foods BUT it is they don’t even want to support the labeling of GMO products to allow people to make an informed decision and choose whether or not they want to eat GMO food; and they make it seem as all their food is organic (which I agree, would be next to impossible). Whole Foods is happy to promote they are “The Nation’s first Certified Organic Grocer” to boost their sales but when asked to side with organic companies and get GMO foods labeled they refuse, showing they care MORE about profit then their patrons health, then they lie about it until they are caught in an inescapable lie – like what just happened with the CEO.

I don’t blame the Whole Foods employees but the Board of Directors and other high level managers set policy for the stores, and these policies are driven purely by their goal of profit which undermines their use of their organic grocer certification. Of course the goal is for Whole Foods to profit but they are playing “both sides of the fence”. They are profiting off their “Organic Grocer Certification” and at the same time they profit by taking advantage of people’s lack of knowledge of industry terms, and unfamiliarity with certifications etc and then they profit further from selling falsely labeled organic products like in the ABC news video, and now it is compounded by their lies about GMO foods; which they profit heavily from knowing there are health risks for shoppers. They choose to disregard these risks and lie about GMO ingredients FOR THEY KNOW THEIR CLIENTELE DOES NOT WANT GMO AND THEY WOULD NOT PURCHASE FOODS CONTAINING THEM!

Like many other food store chains, Whole Foods is organic as much as it serves to increase their profits; Your health is NOT their concern, they will cut corners and LIE whenever it can increase sales. Many, Many people are confused about Whole Foods and their in store labeling, signs etc. I know this for my blog lists the most common search terms that refer readers to my site and some of the most common search engine terms are “is Whole Foods all organic”, “What does Conventional mean at Whole Foods”, Does Whole Foods sell GMO”, What does “natural” mean, “Does local mean organic” and so on.

The correct thing to do is help people to understand the terms, make them understand Whole Foods is a business first, and to provide them alternatives to shopping at Whole Foods – instead of doing this, Michael (the other reader whose comment you replied to) belittles and ridicules people’s lack of understanding! (and what made it worse he works in the health foods industry). like you logically state some people need to be helped and constantly reminded that food stores are a business first, so it is always buyer beware! These people do not deserve to be mocked like Michael chose to do but constantly educated & reminded like you suggest so they can protect their health and that of their families.

Hopefully Prop 37 will pass and GMO lableing will start in CA and spread across the nation, that will put an end to much of the lying & confusion.

Have a great day & stay healthy!


Simon - October 22, 2012

Your point of view is clear and I agree with it. Truly speaking I’m afraid the Prop 37 is not going to pass due to Industry giants’ influences.

fitmontclair - October 29, 2012


Sadly, you are probably right… I believe it will take a nation wide outcry & boycott of GMO foods and their parent companies like which happened in Europe to bring about real change!

I believe if Prop 37 was to have the votes, the truth would be hidden from us and we would be informed of its failure – IT WOULD NOT BE THE FIRST TIME MONEY, POWER, FEAR & INTIMIDATION would be used to fix the outcome of a vote….

A great example going on right now, is that although Whole Foods has recently & reluctantly gave in and is supporting Prop 37 – they are still intimidating the REAL organic food producers for although these companies have openly supported Prop 37 from the start – NOT ONE of them will post the Organic Spies 2 videos that drove Whole Foods to the bargaining table and forced them to support Prop 37.

Here are the videos I am talking about:

2012 video which shows many of the deceptive labeling tactics & hidden GMOs at Whole Foods: http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=484FC93C887B206A895A116C0A3469E

a second 2012 video that shows Whole Foods employees are trained to lie about GMOs in foods: http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=E95DBAD3F3CE57D8190A9D39202FBD6B

Thanks again for reading my blog and commenting.

Have a great day!


7. organic vegetable plants for sale - June 22, 2012

Well said!

fitmontclair - June 22, 2012


Glad you liked the post, please feel free to forward it to anyone or post a link to it anywhere you think it can help inform and educate people.

Have a great day!


8. Natalie - July 14, 2012

Hi Gordon- Do you know if all the fresh produce at Whole Foods is GMO free? If it says Conventional does that mean it is GMO? Thanks for your help.

fitmontclair - July 14, 2012

Hi Natalie,

Thanks so much for reading my blog! It is a little tricky and you are not the only one with the question about Whole food’s produce.

To be safe, I would regard ALL non-organic produce (especially corn, beets, sugar, alfalfa) as being a GMO product.

One of the rules of organic labeling is no GMO seeds or ingredients are used but many large food companies (even organic ones) are always trying to weaken and bend the organic standards and many organic certifications are of poor quality:

Weakening of Organic Standards

Organic S.O.S

Now, some of the local farms ARE GMO FREE but don’t believe in paying for certification. If you can find a local farm or farmer’s market that allows you to visit the farm or provides proof of non-GMO seeds etc they are fine, but be diligent and ask questions. If they don’t like to answer questions, provide proof, or invite you to the farm then avoid them. True organic & biodynamic farmers want to answer questions, they want your business and referrals!

I still advise like I do in the blog post – replace the word “conventional” with chemical!

To help with avoiding GMO, you can link here to download the GMO-free shopping guide and phone app from the Institute for Responsible Technology and the NON-GMO Project; they are the leaders in warning the public of the danger of GMO foods and how to avoid them! Also don’t forget to download the PDF file from the blog and check the country of origin of Whole Food products, for many foreign countries DO NOT have good organic quality control.

You can also find a ton of other useful info at the NON-GMO Project

I also wrote 2 other blog posts with GMO information, both have videos, info, and links to help buy non-GMO food.



The best way to stop GMO foods and protect yourself & family is to “vote with your dollars” and purchase only non-GMO foods!

Last, although you asked about Whole Foods, if you shop at Trader Joe’s please don’t fall for the “Joe say’s NO to GMO signs” – they do BUT only Trader Joe’s SELECT line is 100% GMO free…

If I can help with anything else or you have more questions just let me know. Feel free to re-post or place links to the blog, just please give me credit as the author.

Have a great day and “SAY NO TO GMO!!”


**Update 10-4-12, Hi Natalie I know you had some questions regarding GMO foods at Whole Foods; if you click on this link you watch watch a video of Organic Spies Sting Opetation at Whole Foods concerning GMO labeling and their failure to support the push for GMO labels on food (it was originally on Youtube but the GMO supporters & Whole Foods (they are 1 in the same) had it taken down – but TV.Natural News is hosting it!)

9. Joe Johnson - October 28, 2012

I would suggest stop your bitching. Get educated and stop forcing companies to do things via legislation that is literally trying to stop stupidity. If people aren’t going to take the responsibility to understand the difference between organic and natural, then that lies with the person who doesn’t take the time to get educated. It is not the fault of the grocer, the store or Whole Foods for selling natural products or products you might think are not good for you, like products with sugar or artificial colors.

The labeling itself is not deceptive. It is the lack of knowledge on the consumer that causes people like you to force legislation that is not needed. If people do not want to be duped, then educate yourselves. Organic means no GMO, no pesticides, no herbicides no antibiotics, no growth hormones and other things like having cows pastured, etc. If you don’t want all the extra “stuff” in your food, buy organic. It really is that simple. But today’s slacker society wants everything handed to them by the government, and the government to take care of them. I caution you that you will end up getting what you ask for, and it won’t be what you wanted.

fitmontclair - October 29, 2012

Hi Joe,

Thanks for commenting.

I really don’t feel the readers are bitching but are seeking out information.on topics they are confused about. The primary goal of my blog is to educate and inform people on a wide variety of health & fitness related topics. The are NO ads, banners, sponsors, or sales of any type on my blog – it is strictly for education & information and I always provide my sources, references, and links to additional information (when available).

I totally agree with you that people should not be “slackers” and depend on Gov. to do everything for them (that is what got us in this mess in the first place!). I am all for less Government in Government and in our daily lives, especially in what we choose to eat!

I wish it was as easy as just choosing organic foods, but due to Gov & corporate greed, lies, and shady deals many of the organic standards have been SEVERELY weakened. This is a source of confusion for many, many people; I know this to be a fact for I see the search terms that lead readers to this blog post. They all deal with confusion of organic standards, certifications, LABELING, hidden GMOs, and of course Whole Foods due to their promotion of being the nation’s first certified organic grocer.

It is the store chain’s responsibility when they lie about imported products being inspected and certified as organic, as well as the countries of origin for many foods, and the presence of GMOs in foods they sell. They use their supposed certifications and NON-GMO LABELS TO INCREASE SALES & PROFITS ON FOODS THAT ARE PRESENTED AS ORGANIC AND GMO FREE WHEN IN FACT MANY ARE NOT! If the organic standards were upheld, certifications valid & reliable, and labels accurate then you would be 100% accurate and choosing organic would be all that was needed.

If you watch the following videos and read the articles, you will have a better understanding of why so many are having trouble and need help identifying which foods are truly organic & GMO free.

ABC I-Team investigation on Whole Foods certification process & countries of origin
: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JQ31Ljd9T_Y

Article on weakening of USDA Organic standards:

Article on how NEOTAME – a derivative of aspartame (Nutrasweet) is NOW ALLOWED IN ORGANIC FOODS WITHOUT ANY LABELING OF IT ON THE PACKAGE!

2012 video which shows many of the deceptive labeling tactics & hidden GMOs at Whole Foods: http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=484FC93C887B206A895A116C0A3469E3

This article from last week where the Whole Foods CEO admits there are non-labeled GMOs in their products:
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey confirmed in a blog post three days ago that Whole Foods knowingly sells Monsanto GMO corn in numerous products.

a second 2012 video that shows Whole Foods employees are trained to lie about GMOs in foods: http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=E95DBAD3F3CE57D8190A9D39202FBD6B

I hope this helps to explain why it is so hard for people to become properly educated about choosing organic foods, they are being confused, mislead, and often lied to on many levels!

Thanks again for reading my blog!


10. Katlyn Goodie - December 16, 2012

food deliveries are always nice and very convenient. :

fitmontclair - December 17, 2012

Hi Katlyn,

Thanks for reading my blog!

You are right about food deliveries; I use up to 3 different one’s myself. I try to avoid buying food from stores (even Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s). The less people that come in contact with my food the better!(“too many cooks spoil the soup…”)

I don’t even go to our local farmer’s market anymore for VERY few products are organic and those that are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive compared to the farm service I use.

I feel bad for many of our local residents for they feel if it comes from the farmer’s market it must be healthy
; which is totally untrue!
It all depends if the farmer uses organic or bio-dynamic farming techniques. These are the same people who foolishly believe everything from Whole Foods is organic or at least healthy (we know from my blog post that is FAR from the truth!)

Look for new posts soon…

Have a great day!


11. Burton - April 13, 2013

I am genuinely thankful to the holder of this site who has shared this impressive post at here.

12. Elaine - April 14, 2013

I use the code from whole food organic milk bottle to find out that the milk is coming from some farm in CT. However that farm is not producing any organic milk. I wrote an email to whole food and they replied that it is confidential information and cannot comment or explain. What do you think about the way they handle such a basic question? Thanks.

13. Uniqea Monie - May 29, 2013

I am a new vegan. I use nongmoprject.org to search for what is GMO and NONGMO, are you saying that some of the foods Whole Foods labels NON GMO is actually GMO? Because 365 is definitely on that list of NON GMO on the site

fitmontclair - July 15, 2013

Thank so much for reading & commenting; sorry about the delayed response. Summer is one of my busiest times.

Sadly, We CANNOT TRUST Whole Foods!
If you watched both of the Organic Spies videos, read the Whole Foods CEO letter etc. IT IS VERY APPARENT that Whole Foods 365 brand of foods IS FULL OF GMO!!

Now I am not 100% sure about the Whole Foods 365 ORGANIC line of foods; there is supposed to be NO GMO foods or seeds allowed in certified organic products BUT since there are some discrepancies with the sources for the Whole Foods 365 organic line (See the ABC I-team video in the blog post) I ONLY TRUST WHOLE FOOD BRAND ORGANIC PRODUCTS THAT ALSO HAVE A CERTIFICATION THROUGH THE NON-GMO PROJECT! Our local Whole Foods is now putting large NON-GMO project certified labels on the store shelves to try and win customers back. Look for this label or use their FREE app to check on the food.


The best thing would to be to find a local organic farmer for your food…

Have a great day!

14. prometheus2020rising - July 4, 2013

Typical propaganda to get you to quit buying their products and buy our products.

About as ridiculous as it is in the political arena saying Obama is a muslim. Funniest thing i ever heard.

fitmontclair - July 15, 2013

Propaganda, I DON’T THINK SO!

I provided multiple sources that show the lies of Whole foods, their CEO, and weakening of the entire USDA Organic Certification.

I promote no one store and point out problems in more than just Whole Foods; the ABC News I-team investigation of Whole Foods does NOT promote other store chains and nor do the Organic Spies “Sting” videos.

As for Obama being Muslim, I could care less if he is or isn’t…HOWEVER it is documented his administration has APPROVED MORE GMO FOODS INTO THE U.S. SUPPLY THAN THE LAST 3 ADMINISTRATIONS COMBINED!!!

Pres. Obama ALSO stated in 2007 (See the video link in the blog) that HE WOULD LABEL GMO FOOD!! That was just another campaign lie. He has been ANTI-labeling of GMO foods since his first day in office!!! IT IS A COMPLETE SHAM & DISGRACE THAT THE U.S. & CANADA ARE THE ONLY 2 COUNTRIES THAT DO NOT LABEL GMO FOODS!!!

He appointed the 2 GREATEST threats to our food supply: Vilsack & Taylor – BOTH ARE HEAVILY SUPPORTED BY GMO FOOD PRODUCERS!!! Read the TRUTH:




I hope I was able to clarify my intent for this blog post, show that it is far, far from any form of propaganda, and help people make an informed choice about the foods they choose!


15. LampshadeCollar - July 25, 2013

Hm, I enjoy the enthusiasm, but… am I the only one that thinks this is a bit overdramatic? Isn’t this old news? Are people still so lazy that they have missed the immense amount of information that is out there letting them know that “natural, etc” does not equal “organic”. Did you really think that a store as big and offering as much variety as WF offered ONLY organic foods? Some common sense should come into play here. I guess if you’re too lazy to put in the effort to really understand not only the labeling, but also the economics of the industry, then it is much easier to blame someone else for your ignorance.

My household has been seeing past the “natural”, etc. facade for years now, purchasing at several sources for truly organic foods. However, WF remains in our rotation due to not only the high quality of most their products, but also because they do in fact support and uphold high standards for sustainable practices in areas where others cave – such as meat, poultry, seafood, and coffee products.

Stay vigilant in how you spend your money and take responsibility for leading a balanced, healthy life.

fitmontclair - July 25, 2013

Hi Casey,

Thanks for reading the blog & commenting!

You are right in that people MUST stay vigilant BUT sadly many people do not care about what they or their families eat; they believe the Gov, FDA, AMA etc are protecting them and would never allow anything harmful in to the food supply – WHICH IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH it would require its own post and would have to be done in installments. And “YES” some are just LAZY!

Many, Many others are not as astute and educated on REAL nutrition as you obviously are and DO NOT understand the difference between “organic” 100% organic”, natural, and conventional.
Whole Foods take FULL advantage of this by proudly displaying “The Nations First Certified Organic Grocer” at the entrance to the store. That combined with deceptive labeling, poorly informed employees, and a lying sack of crap for a CEO makes it hard except for the truly diligent (like you) to safely navigate the store and only buy organic and NON-GMO foods. I find in MANY workshops and seminars I give that people are utterly confused about nutrition, the sources of the food they eat, and how to read labels correctly. They are not dumb, but lost & overwhelmed. For you (and others) it is common sense but these days I find that “common sense” IS NOT TOO COMMON!

I like Whole Foods selection and I do shop there HOWEVER like you, I use several other stores (Fairway, Trader Joe’s, Kings) and a local organic farm service to provide our food; BUT I do avoid Whole Foods brand products, even the 365 Organic line when possible for I DO NOT TRUST the company and CEO!

I don’t trust or like Whole Foods & it’s CEO for many reasons (all are outlined in the blog post and have links to further info):

They lie about the countries of origin for their 365 organic line – see the ABC I-team video

They knowingly use GMO products in their “natural” line – See the Organic Spies video

Their employees are not told the truth about GMO in their products – See the Organic Spies videos

Their CEO is a friend of Many Bio-tech CEOs – See the CEO letter

As part of an agreement with Organic Spies they promised to donate $1,000,000 to support Prop 37 to stop “sting” operations exposing the TRUTH about Whole Foods and their products. They only gave $25,000 and gave it the Friday before the Tuesday vote, NOT NEARLY ENOUGH MONEY OR TIME to use the money effectively to support Prop 37!!!

With a track history like that they have proven they LIE and are UNTRUSTWORTHY! Yes, they are a business and deserve to make a profit but they do it by LYING, CHEATING, and “playing both sides of fence” by making it seem as if more of their store is organic & GMO free than it really is! Of course they couldn’t sell only organic foods from an economic standpoint BUT they do a less than acceptable job differentiating between the organic and NON-organic products.

When I shop Whole Foods I now only purchase the foods from REPUTABLE organic companies that support GMO labeling; have a NON-GMO Project label, or a quality Organic Certification (USDA Organic is one of the WORST, and gets WEAKER EVERY year – See the links to “The Weakening of USDA Organic” and “Organic SOS” in the post).

My original post was in 2010 and the info is NOT outdated for many are STILL unaware of this info and I updated it in 2012 with the Prop 37 information. I would not call the post overly dramatic BUT “Passionate”.

If everyone looked out for their family the way you obviously do, the world would be a different place and A LOT BETTER OFF! Consumers like you “vote” with your dollars EVERY DAY! If people KNEW & UNDERSTOOD the dangers of conventional and GMO foods they would leave them on the shelves and eventually the stores & food producers would only carry healthy food!

Keep up the good work but also educate as many people as you can, it will take time but WE CAN make a difference!


16. Teresa - January 8, 2015

I would love to know what farm you use.
Thank you

Gordon - January 9, 2015

Hi Teresa! Thanks for reading my blog; I hope 2015 is off to a great start for you! I would be happy to list the farms that I use – just please be aware that several are exclusive to different areas of New Jersey and possibly New York.

For weekly staples such as: organic grass fed RAW dairy, eggs, honey, and cheese I use http://www.Uddermilk.com – they deliver to your home or to a drop off point near you weekly. There is no delivery charge but there is a $20 minimum per order. They also do have organic grass fed meats and poultry as well as occasionally wild fish and some organic produce when in season. (please note that some of the partners in the company are Muslim and therefore Uddermilk does not carry any organic pork products)

For organic pastured free range poultry and organic grass fed grass finished: Beef, pork, lamb, and occasional organic specialty meats like hot dogs and bratwurst etc the best in New Jersey (and possibly Pennsylvania) is Simply Grazin’ Organic Farm – http://www.SimplyGrazin.com ***However be aware that although they do supply local stores and restaurants including many Whole Foods – The beef is NOT organic, only grass fed and possibly grass finished.*** In a direct emai from the farms owner, she admitted to me that not all of their subsidiary farms that supply their beef are organic but only grass fed – this is the beef that you will usually find at Whole Foods. The only beef that she guarantees is organic and grass fed and grass finished is the beef that you buy directly from their farm or their farm store: Mallery’s Grazin’ Meats. I’ve been to the store in Hillsborough and the food is quite excellent. http://www.mallerysgrazinmeats.com

For other choices or if you do not live in the New York / New jersey / Pennsylvania area you can check out http://www.eatwild.com and they will list by state the farms that are available, their location, and a brief description of what foods they supply.

For organic produce I have to admit I usually do use our local Whole Foods, Fairway (which I really like and trust more then Whole Foods), Trader Joe’s (another excellent store AS LONG AS you buy organic – for some of their non-organic foods do contain GMO’s), and even our local Kings supermarket which keeps expanding its organic selection.

I hope this information helps; if you have any other questions – please feel free to contact me!

Have a great day, but just remember “Your health is in your hands


17. Nancy snyder - March 5, 2016

I live in South Jersey and usually go to Whole Foods for my chicken and a few other products. It is a 45 minute drive for me. I would like to know where I can get milk and that is produced from Cows who are not Exploited and abused.

fitmontclair - March 5, 2016

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for reading my blog! In NJ and some NY locations I use http://www.uddermilk.com – they deliver to your home or a central drop-off. There are no delivery fees but there is a $20 minimum order. They have RAW grass fed milk, cream, and colostrum (when in season) from pastured cows ( both Jerseys and Guernseys). The service goes to various farms in NJ, NY, and PA to source products and then they deliver them. They also have dairy from: goats, sheep, and camels for people who are allergic to cow dairy. Although not everything is certifIed organic and both Uddermilk and their farmers are dedicated to organic / biodynamic farming principles (you can read the site info) they just often can’t afford or believe in the legitimacy of the certifications. No one that I am aware of has had problems or reason to be suspect of their products.

Other sources can be found at http://www.realmilk.com – which is maintained by the Weston A. Price foundation.

I hope this helps!

Have a great day,


18. rmh - January 25, 2017

Always read labels no matter where one shops.

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