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New “AB” Training article & IMPORTANT Golf date correction! March 21, 2010

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Hi Everyone,


I hope you all are enjoying the AWESOME weather!! (It would be great if we get this weather for my outdoor May in Montclair workshop). If you are looking for some great outdoor exercise I would check out the course at Verona Park – Terrific set up of different

body weight training stations, bring a kettlebell and some resistance bands and you have a complete outdoor gym!! (If you see a crazy guy swinging around what looks like a cannonball with a handle in between sets of push-ups, pullups, dips etc – that probably will be me, stop by and say “Hello!”).’

This past week saw the release of my newest article for the Town Medical Assoicates: “Why Crunch Free = Pain Free or the safe way to train the abdomen!” This article is an abbreviated and updated compilation of some of the highlights of my “Abdominal Myths” series. I feel this information is vital and many people (including some medical professionals) may not know about my blog or have read my earlier posts concerning abdominal exercises, body fat reduction, and preventing back & neck pain. Of course I provide the science & medical references at the end of the article; I hope you all enjoy it!

Click here to read the article!

Please if you have comments post them here or at the FITMONTCLAIR group page at Montclair Navigator

(Navigator is a FREE site and I really like it because I can add pictures, video, and real time TWITTER updates easily). Remember I will be posting special training deals and Spring & Summer events on the FITMONTCLAIR group page at Navigator. If you want a “Sneak Peek” at my FOUR NEW May in Montclair events – click here! (Make sure you go to the May Events page!)


Many of you have expressed interest in the first workshop that is scheduled for next Saturday March 27th from 1 -3pm at the LIVING FIT studio but have NOT RSVP’d. Due to space limitations anyone not on the RSVP list will not be considered attending and allowed to participate. THE RSVP CUTOFF DATE FOR THE SATURDAY, MARCH 27TH WORKSHOP IS: WEDNESDAY MARCH 23rd!

You can RSVP by e- mail, phone, Facebook or Montclair Navigator. All I require is your: First & Last name, e-mail address and a current phone #


The repeat of the “Strength & Power Development for Golf” workshop scheduled for Tuesday March 30th from 7 -9pm HAS BEEN MOVED!!!

My sincerest apologizes, the web based calendar I used did NOT list the nights for PASSOVER 2010. I have MOVED the workshop to: TUESDAY APRIL 6th from 7 -9pm. This was an oversight and unintentional and I will do my best to prevent mistakes like this in the future.

The RSVP cutoff date for the Tuesday April 6th workshop is Saturday April 3rd!

I hope you enjoy my latest article and watch for more blog posts coming soon!

Get outside and get fit & STRONG!!



Using Science to Maximize Health & Performance



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