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The Abdominal Myths 4D – The Problem with Pasteurized dairy, food allergies & addictions OR why we need RAW Dairy in N.J. November 15, 2009

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Well, I promised a new post this weekend and here it is (and it’s a doozy!)

First, Before we return t the “Abdominal Myths” I need to post a belated congratulations to my good friend, client, and personal physician Tom Mc Carrick, M.D. Once again Tom was recognized by NJ Monthly Magazine as one of NJ’s Top Doctors!

Unlike many in the medical field Tom leads by example and practices what he preaches! He is an avid exerciser and athlete with whom I have had the privilege of training over the last 7 years for several sports: distance running, basketball, and ballroom dance as well as overall strength & conditioning. Dr. Mc Carrick also practices sound nutritional principles often preparing his own meals several days in advance.

This type of preparation and attention to detail allows him to maintain a constant healthy body fat percentage and optimal level of lean muscle tissue for his chosen sports and maintain an incredibly demanding practice. So if you are looking for an intelligent, dedicated primary care physician who is humble, has a great “bedside ” manner and who believes in and leads a healthy, active lifestyle contact Tom at Town Medical, I can’t recommend him enough.

Now back to “The Abdominal Myths” and #2 of the “Big 3” food allergensPasteurized Dairy! (Last time we investigated the HORRORS of Soy and soy based foods and how they disrupt your hormones, make you swollen & bloated, and why they should NEVER, EVER be given to children, ESPECIALLY INFANTS!!!!!!

Once again I have to state that just because you may have not heard any of the following information before does not mean it is wrong! The information was once common knowledge among people, medical professionals, and farmers.  Due to factory farming, multi-billion dollar corporations, false media advertising, and public scare campaigns the truth about dairy has been maligned and suppressed for the last 70 years!


I am going to try to make a very long, complex story into a very short topic and as always provide references to back up my statements and allow you to make your own decision as to who is telling the truth…


Pasteurized dairy products, even if organic are NOT a health food! The pasteurization destroys the active enzymes needed to digest the dairy (a BIG reason for the rise in lactose intolerance!) The high heat from pasteurization (even WORSE with ultra-pasteurization) leaves you with an indigestible product devoid of critical nutrients. As we know from the past posts (4A, 4B) that if you cannot digest a food it leads to abdominal swelling, bloating, capillary leakage, and viscerosomatic reflexes that inhibit  the deep abdominal muscles leading to further abdominal distention and low back pain!

Pasteurized infant formulas often lead to increased mucus and clogged nasal passages, this forces the infant to open their mouth to breathe. Once mouth breathing becomes their dominant form of respiration they begin to develop a forward head posture due to weakening of the neck muscles from a constantly open jaw which sets them up for a life time of chronic head & neck pain.

NOT ready for training; “Bootcamp” or other classes will CRIPPLE her! (Due to her forward head posture)



Also mouth breathing leads to overstress of the adrenal glands for mouth breathing excites the sympathetic (“flight or fight”) nervous system on a constant basis. We are only designed to breathe through an open mouth during times of extreme emergency; we are supposed to breathe through our noses during normal daily activities! There are fibers for the para-sympathetic (“rest & digest”) nervous system in our nose that are stimulated with proper breathing allowing for reduced stress levels and hormonal responses. Ever wonder why Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong make you breathe through your nose, well now you know!

NOTE: The horrible forward head posture plaguing society is NOT normal, it is not inevitable, and CAN BE AVOIDED and CORRECTED!!  More in a future post….

Now at one time pasteurization may have been necessary due to unsanitary conditions but those conditions have not existed since the early 1900’s. Raw organic dairy products are EXTREMELY healthy and many supposedly lactose intolerant people can digest them. I am going to recommend several books, websites, and articles with all the information you could ever want including the Mayo clinic milk cure -where medical doctors used raw dairy to treat a number of illnesses with great success!!

To learn the truth about dairy and all the problems associated with pasteurization the following books are a GREAT resource!




(This book should be the gold standard text for every nutrition program in the country but that would put the processed food manufacturers out of business!! –Did you know the very first University nutrition program was funded by General Mills?)

Here is an awesome interview with Mark McAffe of Organic Pastures Dairy. This is an incredible organic farm that produces the highest quality & safest raw dairy in the country! – I used to have my dairy & butter shipped from them until the bastards at the FDA made it illegal to ship raw dairy!! (what ever happened to our rights in this county – I can go to a restaurant  and get raw fish (sushi), raw beef (tare tare & carpaccio) and sunny side up eggs but I can’t order fresh milk?)

CLICK HERE FOR interview with Mark McAffe of Organic Pastures Dairy – The truth about raw milk!

Click here to read an article on the benefits of Raw Dairy by Tom  Cowan, M.D.

Click here to read how the Mayo Clinic used raw dairy to treat illness by  J.R. Crewe, M.D.

Here is a video from Dr. Joseph Mercola on the differences between raw milk and organic milk and why you need not only a personalized exercise program but a nutrition program as well.

Did any of you ever see the FOX news special about the link between cancer & the growth hormone Monsanto used to increase milk production in cows?? (NOTE: this was NOT in raw organic milk, only store bought non-organic pasteurized milk)  No, you never saw it – THAT IS BECAUSE NO ONE SAW IT!!! FOX PULLED THE STORY AND FIRED THE REPORTERS!!

Watch this video and see how Monsanto controls the news & media and that the government doesn’t care!!!

Before I move on to food addictions I do want people to know that it is not always a dairy allergy that prevents you from digesting milk, but it is often related to and a result of a gluten allergy – I will go over this relationship in the next post…

There are many reasons for food addictions, here I am only going to cover the one associated with dairy. When you eat pasteurized dairy and can’t digest it, you create opioids in the body i.e. opium like molecules that act like morphine  on receptors in the brain. They make you feel relaxed, euphoric and crave more of them. This is why when you have a bad day you often crave ice cream. You can’t digest the pasteurized dairy in the ice cream which creates opioids that make you feel “better”…. further fueling the vicious addictive cycle!

quick note – there is another major food that causes opioid production and addiction and that is coming up in another post very soon….

Of course by now you think I am really nuts and can’t be right. Sorry, but here are some references and there are plenty more!!

NOTE: The casein mentioned in the articles is a milk protein. So where ever you see the word casein, substitute pasteurized dairy and cheese is a dairy product.

“Certain foods appear to stimulate the release of opiate chemicals within the brain. These are chemical cousins of morphine and heroin. They are not as strong as illegal drugs, but appear to be strong enough to keep us coming back, especially when we are stressed, tired, angry, or alone. Not every food does this. The groups that do are sugar (and sugar-fat mixtures, such as butter cookies, as well as foods that produce sugar rapidly), chocolate, cheese, and meat (Dr. Neal Barnard).”— Washington Post

The peptides from gluten [gliadorphin] and casein [casomorphin] are important because the react with opiate receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine.“—Dr. Charles Parker

Opioid activities and structures of casein-derived exorphins: these two peptides carry information by finding and binding to brain receptors which ordinarily respond to endorphins. The message is go to sleep, feel bad, but go back for more. There are also a large number of regulatory peptides feeding back to brain control centers to form the brain-gut axis. A stop signal to the brain when enough food is eaten would be important for appetite control and may be defective in compulsive eaters. Stephen J. Gislason MD

There is so much more on food addiction etc. but I just want you to understand some basic facts and concepts.

To sum it all up: Humans cannot digest PASTEURIZED dairy – this leads to abdominal swelling, bloating etc. It also lead to the formation of opium like molecules that cause an addiction within the brain to these foods which in turn  leads to craving them so as to keep a constant release of the opioids. The food companies have turned the country into quasi-opium addicts and the corporate scientists & doctors know this!

So, avoid pasteurized dairy like you would a narcotic like opium or heroin!! If you have an addiction to dairy, get professional help! I hope to have some resources listed in the next post.

Up next – the #1 food allergen and opioid producer – GLUTEN!!! and was Dr. Atkins right all along – The myth of carbohydrates!!

Stay healthy, Stay strong, STAY AWAY FROM PASTEURIZED DAIRY!!!


P.S. for those interested in obtaining raw dairy – Click here to join the campaign for REAL MILK and to see if it is available in your state

NJ RESIDENTS CLICK HERE TO JOIN      GARDEN STATE RAW MILK This is a formation of NJ residents who is lobbying the state to approve raw milk sales!!!

"If people let the government decide what food they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as souls under tyranny." - Thomas JeffersonGarden State Raw Milk - Campaign To Legalize The Sale of Raw Milk in New Jersey

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The Abdominal Myths 4D – The Problem with Pasteurized dairy, food allergies & addictions OR Why we need RAW Dairy in N.J.



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