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Stay Tuned…. MUCH More to come and Tips for Aching Knees! November 12, 2009

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Hi everyone,

I will have a new post with more great info coming up this weekend but I have been VERY BUSY with 2 **NEW** projects that should help me to get MORE info to a larger audience FASTER – Details forthcoming! In addition I have the usual holiday season rush – a lot of people slack off from Labor Day to Halloween but they all want to look good for the New Year! (Watch here for details of my New Year’s training special!)

My first article “Move More to Hurt Less – Simple Techniques to Relieve Aching Knees” was published in the December issue of “Exercise – For Men Only” – It is on the newsstands and in bookstores until Dec 6th; but here is a link for you:

My article: “MOVE MORE, HURT LESS- Simple techniques to relive aching knees!””

Click Here to read the article!

I hope you all enjoy the article and the future one’s I am writing. If you have any comments, questions or feedback please post them on the blog or e-mail me. My next article “Locked in a box” is due out in soon and will focus on preventing shoulder pain & injury..

Well, I gotta run but look for a new post this weekend!!




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