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The Abdominal Myths 4C- Why Soy is NOT a health food! or “The DANGERS OF SOY and why my SON has BREASTS!!!!” October 24, 2009

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Hi Everyone,

Well this is going to have to be short, I have been incredibly busy this week!! My new pre-season ski conditioning class at the Adult School of Montclair began and I have been granted an awesome opportunity; the corrective exercise article I wrote last month for a major magazine has been expanded to become a regularly occurring column – more on this later once the new issue hits the stands.

Continuing the “Abdominal Exercise Myths”  we were looking at the bloating, distention and abdominal swelling brought on by eating foods that we are allergic to or intolerant of. Now a blood test confirmed with “challenge” tests is probably the best way to check for these allergies but immediate results can usually be obtained by eliminating the “BIG 3” that our body WAS NOT ever designed to digest: pasteurized dairy, wheat gluten, and soy.

Your ABS on Soy!

The first one I want to deal with is soy. I chose soy first because of the media focus on the supposed health benefits of soy, MORE INDUSTRY LIES!  SOY IS NOT A HEALTH FOOD and there are numerous published medical studies that prove this!  Now before you scream and bring up Asian society, I am going to clarify several things: I am NOT including small amounts of ORGANIC miso, tempeh, and tofu – all of which have been fermented. By small amounts I mean 10 grams or less a day TOTAL – which is the NORMAL amount eaten in Asian cultures, and the fermentation allows for digestion of the soy. I am talking about the abundance of fake foods now made from soy (Soy: milk, cheese, meat, ice cream etc). This soy is regulated as an industrial product, receives a HUGE dosing of pesticides and is responsible for disrupting MANY hormonal profiles.

REAL Soy – Organic & Fermented!

Think of it this way, why is it o.k. for post-menopausal women to take SOME soy or soy-isoflavones (the hormonally active component of soy sold as a dietary supplement) because they mimic ESTROGEN (which is low in post-menopausal women). WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO GIVE ESTROGEN TO YOUR CHILDREN??

Thanks for all the soy mom, Can I borrow your bra….

The medical research clearly states that: Soy infant formula stunts growth!; High levels of estrogen delays puberty in young boys and accelerates it in girls!!  So you get teenage boys with less muscle & strength development that is the norm for their age along with female fat patterning & breast development.  At the same time you get 8 year old girls with a menstrual cycle!

I know I have probably lost a few readers after that, but the truth is MORE important!

Here is another TRUTH that the food industry doesn’t tell you or want you to know: the mass produced soy is also a major allergen to the body and causes a lot of abdominal swelling and bloating – if you don’t believe me, drop the soy for 2 weeks and tell me how you look and feel!

As always I have references for you, now you can go to Pub Med and search & read lots of boring research or you can read some very enlightening summaries and listen to a great interview with the country’s foremost soy researcher – Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel.

Dr. Daniel wrote the ground breaking book ” The Whole Soy Story” – Read that and you WILL NEVER TOUCH SOY AGAIN!

Here is a great audio interview with Dr. Daniel:  THE WHOLE SOY STORY

For those of you believe in and try to eat whole, organic foods – The Weston A. Price foundation is a phenomenal resource and has some great articles by Dr. Mary G. Enig and Sally Fallon on the dangers of soy, especially their tell all expose‘ “The Ploy of Soy!”

Here is a link to the WAPF soy archive page with MORE references and research to back up this blog post than I could ever wish for:  Weston A .Price Soy Archive

And last here is a video on the truth about soy by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

And another from The Weston A. Price Foundation’s Sally Fallon:

So before you start sending the “hate e-mail” Listen to the interview, watch the videos, read  “Ploy of Soy!” and visit the WAPF archive….

Up next, “the problems with pasteurized dairy” followed by “why you need to avoid wheat gluten”

Stay healthy, STAY AWAY FROM SOY!!!


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1. fitmontclair - August 11, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I fixed the broken links to the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Soy info!!!

The info was NOT removed or retracted, they just went to a new webpage hosting and the links were changed – everything works now!!

Read up on the DANGERS of Soy!!!


2. Matthew Browne - November 12, 2013

I was wondering if you could comment on this article which claims that soy does NOT have estrogen-like effects…obviously the source is a biased one, but the article appears to be based on legitimate 3rd party research:

Also, I have a lot of respect for Dr. Andrew Weil who says that in spite of claims to the contrary, the evidence still shows that soy is a healthy food (assuming you’re not allergic to it of course).

I just discovered your blog and I think it’s fantastic; I really appreciate all the info on posture, exercise, and nutrition.

I would just like to be really sure about soy foods before giving them up, because I seem to tolerate them fine…I didn’t eat soy growing up, I started several years ago, and during the times when I stopped eating soy for a while and reintroduced it later, I didn’t notice any difference, although perhaps that was just due to not being on the lookout for it.

Also, soy is one of the best vegetarian sources of protein in terms of amino acid balance and at least theoretically makes a great alternative to meat. While not a vegetarian, I’m concerned about animal welfare and I think it’s good to occasionally eat vegetarian sources of protein instead of meat, and I’ve read that greater dietary variety, particularly eating more vegetables, is a good thing.

fitmontclair - November 13, 2013

Hi Matthew!

Thanks for reading my blog and the kind words you posted; I would be happy to read the article and give you my opinion as well as answer your other questions on soy, health, vegetarianism, etc. I’m sure as you can tell from other posts and my replies to reader comments I like to be thorough in my answers and provide you links to more information. I will read the article and get my information together for you; little crazy with my schedule this week but I should have the info & links up within a few days.

Thanks again for reading my blog and please feel free to pass on the information or place links to it if you know people who can benefit from it. If you are on Facebook you can view my page or the ADVANCED FITNESS CONCEPTS page for my latest updates and topics.

Have a great day!


https://www.facebook.com/gkwaddell null


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