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Hidden Trans Fats or “More FDA lies and Hi-jinx, at the expense of your health!!” (of course) October 16, 2009

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Hi everyone –

Here we go again, hold on to something sturdy and move all the breakables!!

Well since Post 4B went up I have had a few e-mails in defense of the FDA (obviously from some very misguided readers suffering from severe food addictions!) , thankfully I have had even more e-mails expressing shock, horror and disgust about the FDA and the G.R.A.S. law and the way the food industry hides & lies about the toxic, unhealthy additives they put in food.

As always I try to give you current, up to date info. Here are links to an incredible interview with David Burton, an RN who specializes in cardiac recovery and intensive care patients. He researched and discovered how bad the food supply is and how TRANS FATS are a MAJOR cause of disease and illness!!! He then took this information and made an award winning independent movie:    inGREEDients

Bodies built by TRANS fats!

What does this have to do with the “Abdominal Myths”  we have been discussing in the last several posts, well in the interview & movie David Burton cites the peer reviewed medical research that shows that TRAN FATS increase abdominal fat more than any other location on the body (they also lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes – ESPECIALLY in children, and obesity!)

Here is a quote about the movie ” What you think you know about your diet and the food you eat is completely wrong…DEAD wrong ! Ride along on this culinary roller coaster ride as David sets the table with a cornucopia of leading researchers and the most respected scientists and health care professionals in the world as they disclose the facts and alarming connection between what you put in your mouth and some of the most disgusting, unpalatable and life-threatening ailments known today! The three diseases most directly connected with the consumption of hydrogenated oil are heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. These afflictions are eventually deadly if one keeps consuming hydrogenated oils, but with some simple changes in food choices from the powerful information in this documentary and a little bit of exercise, they are extremely preventable.”

REMEMBER FROM THE LAST POST THAT 2 OF THE INGREDIENTS YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE ON A FOOD LABEL: Hydrogenated and Partially – Hydrogenated oil (THESE ARE THE TRANS FATS!!!) The TRANS FATS are what allows the canned & packaged foods to sit on shelves for months without spoiling – DO NOT EAT CANNED, BOXED, AND PACKAGED FOODS! They are highly processed and contain HIDDEN TRANS FATS – Read on for more info !!!

Here is an audio link with an interview with David BurtonThe information on TRANS FATS is shocking, upsetting, and just further proof the Government, FDA and others all are under the control of the multi-billion dollar food manufacturers and that YOU MUST BE SELF-EDUCATED TO PROTECT YOURSELF & YOUR FAMILY !!!!

Interview with David Burton, RN about  inGREEDients – the movie -make sure speakers are turned on

Learn the TRUTH about TRANS FATS!!!!!

Don’t Believe the lies that the FDA spreads that foods labeled ”  0 Grams TRANS FAT ”  have NO TRANS FATS!!- They do !!!!   Once again the FDA caved into the food manufacturers. The movie exposes how the FDA has bent the rules again and BLATANTLY LIES TO THE PUBLIC  AND RISKS THE HEALTH OF YOU & YOUR FAMILY FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRIES PROFITS!!!  Here’s an example:

Under FDA ruling if there is less than 1/2 a gram of TRANS FAT PER SERVING – the company can list the food as TRANS FAT FREE! – MORE FDA B.S. and Lies! – Add to that the ridiculously small serving sizes listed on the label and you will soon see those TRANS fats ADD UP QUICK!!

Here is a tip for you: If it is in a box or package and it is designed to last weeks / months on a shelf EVEN IF IT SAYS ORGANIC AND IS SOLD AT WHOLE FOODS – IT HAS TRANS FATS IN IT !!!!  It is the TRANS fats that allow any type of product ESPECIALLY baked goods (cookies, cakes, pies, crackers, bars, ) a shelf-life of more than a few days !!!

The food manufacturers just reduced the serving size on the label so they could apparently conform” with the FDA – so if you have a food that is 0.49 grams of TRANS FAT per 1/4 cup serving and you normally eat 1 cup, you have just eaten 1.96 grams of TRANS FAT – YET THE LABEL IS ALLOWED BY FDA LAW TO LIST “O GRAMS OF TRANS FAT”  ON THE LABEL !

Repeatedly in the interview and the movie all of the medical doctors & scientists interviewed state that “There are NO safe levels of TRANS FAT for food, the only way to stay healthy is NOT to eat them in ANY amount!”

Once again we learn that the organizations and we trust  (AND PAY) to protect us and our health STAB US IN THE BACK FOR MONEY !!!

Here are the trailers  for inGREEDients – WATCH THEM !  Get the DVDs and protect yourself & YOUR FAMILY!


Please forward this blog or a link to ANYONE you love and care about before it is too late and THEY DAMAGE THEIR HEALTH BEYOND REPAIR!!

The rest of the Abdominal Exercise Myth info will be forthcoming, HOWEVER there will be a slight change; due to requests for more frequent posts and my complex schedule. I will be putting up SHORTER, more FREQUENT posts but they will have ALL the information promised and more!!


Thanks for your support and remember, THINK before you EAT!!


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