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Welcome to FITMONTCLAIR! July 4, 2009

Posted by fitmontclair in Fitness in Montclair.

Hi Everyone,

I decided to put up a short outline of what I hope to put on my blog in the coming months / years. Some of you will think it’s GREAT, others will not be so happy…

First and foremost this BLOG is a vehicle for me to dispense accurate, truthful, and scientifically valid information on heath, fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

It is a way for me to reach a larger audience and re-connect with many residents and good people who attended my seminars when I was a Fitness Director & Head Trainer – I still do all those seminars and more for local groups, clubs & organizations for FREE !!

I also want  to make this BLOG a community resource where people can ask questions on anything dealing with health & fitness and get a truthful, unbiased answer FREE of media hype AND CENSORSHIP! I HAVE NO SPONSORS, I AM ON NO ONE’S PAYROLL EXCEPT MY CLIENTS . So I can be 100% truthful & brutally honest – for if the information I give my clients doesn’t work, then I am out of business!

future topics and areas I want to include:

video & written interviews with local health professionals that share my ideas and values on truthful & accurate info

Product reviews of home exercise products, books & nutritional supplements

Exercise recommendations  & demonstrations

Local fitness events worth sponsoring & attending

The latest scams & fads in the fitness industry TO AVOID!


Thanks for visiting!


Up next:  The Abdominal Exercise Myths – or “I do 200 crunches a day and I am still fat, and now my neck hurts?”

WATCH HERE FOR A SPECIAL FREE TRAINING OFFER SOON! – No Joke, no gimmicks I will be offering some free training sessions just so skeptics can experience training with a Professional Trainer and not a part-time hack!

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Gordon Waddell, PES,CSCS,CES  – Montclair’s only REAL Health & Fitness Expert!




1. Joseph Campisi - July 4, 2009

OK thanks Gordon!

fitmontclair - July 4, 2009

Hi Joe,

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to your contributions now that I finally got this up and running.

I got all your e-mails, great stuff! I hope to refer to some of the studies in future posts.

Have a great 4th and watch for updates!


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