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Declare your FITNESS INDEPENDENCE!! July 4, 2009

Posted by fitmontclair in Fitness in Montclair.


It’s FINALLY here, the launch of  FITMONTCLAIR!

Time for MONTCLAIR and its neighbors to DECLARE THEIR INDEPENDENCE from: Crappy, Unskilled Trainers, USELESS machine based exercises, and sugar coated GARBAGE sold as “Health Food”!


“A little bit of nonsense repeated daily for 10 years can ERASE 100 years of the TRUTH!” – H.T. Urt , Author of Masterful Persuasion

I had originally planned for this to happen on June 13th – The date of my EcoFair presentation . Unfortunately rain , paper handouts, ground based exercise testing & demos, all don’t mix very well. I WILL BE THERE NEXT YEAR!! (Weather Permitting). But more importantly it was the 10 year Anniversary of my entry into the field of a health & fitness professional!

Let me clarify MY definition of “PROFESSIONAL” – Although I had worked in several aspects of the field before June 13th 1999; some paid and some unpaid. I was NOT a “PROFESSIONAL”.  I had not made the commitment  in my head & my heart that this was my career path, this is what I loved and where I belonged AND MOST IMPORTANTLY where I WANTED to be!

My definition of “PROFESSIONAL” is not only someone who is paid for their knowledge and skill but they are working in the field FULL TIME, it is the primary source of their income and they are PASSIONATE about what they are doing.

In my opinion, part-time trainers who are just training : until something better comes along, while they are in-school studying a different, UNRELATED field, or filling the time while kids are in school, husband / wife is out at work  etc ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS, for if they were given a different opportunity or situation they would take it!!

I believe true professionals are the one’s who are constantly learning (on a daily basis), always evolving, and striving to provide the BEST service possible; not just trying to be different and using the latest fad. My definition of a “Fad” as taught to me by one of my mentors, Paul Chek, is best defined as a “Forthcoming Anatomical Dysfunction” – it is what you get when a trainer or coach gives you an exercise for no other reason than it “looks cool” or it’s what everyone else is doing or it was in the latest copy of ” Muscle & FICTION” (Welcome to commercial fitness!)

Would you go to a part-time: Doctor, Dentist, or Chiropractor? Why settle for a part-time trainer?? I wouldn’t and you shouldn’t either! But it is up to you to “shop around”, interview and screen potential trainers. You should use the SAME LEVEL of scrutiny that you would in choosing your child’s doctor – IT IS THAT SERIOUS!! Ask any personal injury attorney the number of law suits against trainers and health clubs involving neglect and incompetence – IT IS STAGGERING AND GROWING EVERY YEAR (More on this in a later post!)

Here is a link to what I consider a professional trainers bio should look like (a blending of high level academic knowledge and practical “hands-on” skill with years of experience handling multiple types of clients in various situations):

Professional Trainer’s Bio

Client Testimonials

I am done for now, just wanted to get this thing up and running!! My next post will preview what I hope to develop this BLOG into for all of you, as well as an update on my Functional Training Class, Upcoming Events and MOST importantly answers to your questions and LOTS, LOTS of great health & fitness info you can use (THE REALLY GOOD STUFF THE MEDIA & COMMERCIAL FITNESS INDUSTRY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT!!)

Have a GREAT 4th of July and check back soon for new posts, special offers and MUCH MORE!

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P.S. Many of you wanted me to put together a recommended book / dvd list – I am still working on that but I have put a list on my website to products that I personally use for myself and to help design programs for my clients. I recommend these authors / trainers / coaches for people whose schedule negates working 1-on-1 with me or the distance to travel is too great.

Remember my rule that I quote in every free workshop & seminar that I teach “ I only use / borrow information & ideas from people smarter than me and that have been proven to work in the REAL world!


Gordon Waddell, PES,CSCS,CES  – Montclair’s only REAL Health & Fitness Expert!




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